Jamaican Poetry: My Black Story

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2017, Denise N. Fyffe

I stand in my skin

And I ponder within
Of my history
Of my story.
The foundation of me
Which I forget so easily
Of my history
Of my story.

Those who struggled

Those who fought for my freedom
For our freedom.

Now it is all about the money and bling,
And the Lexus and Bims.

I have forgotten my history
I have forgotten my story.
The foundation of me,
I have forgotten so easily,
I have forgotten my story.

The strength of my thighs

The confidence in my eyes,
This is a story,
Of my history.
The length and strength of my hair,
Wool, beaded, corn-rowed;
Do I care?
About this story,
About my history.

The strength of my shoulders,
The strong muscles in my back,
This is a story,
Of my history.
The pride in my eyes,
When my baby son cries,
And he grows to know me,
He grows to show me.

The access to education,

To be the future of my nation
This is a story,
Of my history.
To stand strong,
To be a doctor, teacher or parliamentarian;
This is a story of struggle,
In my history.

I stand in my skin
And I ponder within
Of my history
Of my story.
The foundation of me
Which I forget so easily
Of my history
Of my black story.


Carrageenan – This Cancer-Causing Ingredient Probably Sits in Your Fridge

Girl Enjoying Chocolate Milk
Girl Enjoying Chocolate Milk --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Banana yogurtAttention all only-organic eaters: I’d like to have your attention in particular as you might have read this title and thought, “I bet whatever ingredient it is isn’t in my fridge! I’m the healthiest eater I know!”

With all due respect, you might be mistaken as the ingredient I’m about to address appears in a plethora of organic products.

A few months ago, I was scanning the ingredients label on my carton of almond milk and came across a word that I still haven’t the slightest clue how to pronounce: carrageenan. I also examined the labels of my So Delicious coconut yogurt, and my husband’s Horizon chocolate milk and noticed they also contained this mysterious substance.

I figured, it’s probably harmless—these products are organic!

Little did I know …

I immediately pulled out my handy-dandy smartphone to begin investigating. It turns out carrageenan—found in many dairy and non-dairy products, deli meats, infant formulas, even flavored coconut water—has been proven to be carcinogenic. The ingredient is extracted from a red seaweed (sounds healthy so far, right?) called Chondrus crispus, which is popularly known as Irish moss. Companies include the extract to improve the texture of their foods.

So, how is something derived from seaweed cancer-causing? Studies conducted by Joanne K. Tobacman, a medical doctor and associate professor of clinical medicine at the University of Illinois College of Medicine, linked undegraded carrageenan—the type that is widely used in foods—with malignancies and other stomach problems. She also discovered that it causes inflammation, and inflammation is a well-known root cause of many serious diseases, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and cancer.

The following is from Dr. Tobacman’s testimony on carrageenan before the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB):

“Carrageenan has been used in thousands of biological experiments over several decades, because it predictably causes inflammation. Inflammation is well-known to be the basis for many human diseases and is associated with over 100 human diseases, including inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis and arteriosclerosis. Inflammation also is linked to cancer” (emphasis mine).

The next question you may be asking is why does carrageenan show up in organic products? According to the Cornucopia Institute, a “populist farm policy research group” according to its website, the reason is “due to carelessness by government regulators, misinformation supplied by corporate ‘independent’ scientists advising the USDA, and successful lobbying by carrageenan manufacturers and food processors convincing organic consumers that it’s both a safe and necessary ingredient.”

Unfortunately, yet not surprisingly, it seems that the NOSB continues to approve of the ingredient, despite overwhelming evidence and strong opposition, because several of the board members and the companies they represent profit from carrageenan-containing products.

If you find out that in fact your favorite milk, yogurt or ice cream features this harmful substance, you’ll want to check out replacements right away. The Cornucopia Institute provides an extensive list of both carrageenan – containing foods and those that are carcinogen-free. I encourage you to visit the link and even contact the companies that are using carrageenan to see if they might be willing to change their minds for the sake of your and your family’s health.

Alternatively, the Internet has some wonderful resources to teach you how to make your own dairy and non-dairy products at home, so I encourage you to do a little research and try a recipe or two.

And one more tip before I go: If you’re unfamiliar with an ingredient listed on your bottle of juice, your protein powder, your energy bar, etc., please look it up. The truth about carrageenan should serve to teach us that just because a product or company claims to be “all-natural” or “organic,” that doesn’t necessarily make them 100 percent healthy.

Sadly, greed, carelessness and corruption spring up everywhere—even perhaps within companies whose products bear the peaceful image of a pleasant farmstead or the benevolent face of a cow. It is up to us to make sure we’re doing our absolute best to keep our whole selves—mind, body, and spirit—healthy and fit as temples of the Holy Spirit.

Diana Anderson-Tyler is the author of Creation House’s Fit for Faith: A Christian Woman’s Guide to Total Fitness and her latest book, Perfect Fit: Weekly Wisdom and Workouts for Women of Faith and Fitness. Her popular website can be found at dianafit.comand she is the owner and a coach at CrossFit 925. Diana can be reached on Twitter.

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YEAR IN REVIEW: This Cancer-Causing Ingredient Probably Sits in Your Fridge.

Burning the Political Fires, a flint of Olint

International Money Pile in Cash and Coins

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2012, Poetess Defy, Denise N. Fyffe

It seems every season there is a political quandary afoot. Today, the thorn in the political parties flesh is Olint.

For those who have a lapse in memory, and only those who did not lose hundreds of thousands or millions in this scheme would have such problems; Olint was one of those money schemes that promised to give you a huge return on your investment, monthly. Needless to say, when the inspectors came knocking on their door, they were found to not be so squeaky clean. While Olint was for the more affluent among us in Jamaica and other countries, CashPlus was the poor man’s, knight in shining amour, which turned out to be an episode from the Bernie Maddof chronicles.

Well one would think that after dealing with every piece of shrapnel that lodged from the David Smith’s Olint debacle, Jamaica would now move on and never hear about it again; except as a reference of what not to do for finance students. But, as with shrapnel, there are some remnants, which you never locate and can never remove.

The current government of Jamaica, headed by the People’s National Party as well as the Jamaica Labour Party recently disclosed that they received a donation from Olint’s coppers and now everyone, with an opinion is demanding or discussing the legal, political, moral and ethical reasons why the money should be returned. Turks and Caicos seem to be gearing up to demand that the PNP and JLP return the money to that country; but let me stir the pot a bit.

If this money is returned and collected, who will it benefit? Will it go back to the pockets of the persons who

English: Bruce Golding Español: Bruce Golding

English: Bruce Golding Español: Bruce Golding (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

were swindled? Or will it simply be forgotten and disappear into the shadows of someone’s pockets? Let’s refer to the 20/20 cricket;  the suave, always smiling, Texan billionaire, Allen Standford was sent to prison for 110 years for his billion dollar ponzi scheme. Should all the cricketers who won prize money from his US$20 million dollar series, give that back too?

In total the amount equals US$7 million dollars, from 2007; now in 2012, from where will the JLP get US$5 million and the PNP US$2 million dollars to give back? And please note, it is the political parties and not the government of Jamaica that will have to return the sum. This, very crucial point, is what got Former JLP Leader and Prime Minister, Bruce Golding caught up into a Manatt enquiry and Jamaicans saying ‘I can’t recall’. Take heed else next season there will be a different kind of political quandary.

Jamaican Gambling: How to Plan a Gambling Vacation

Caribbean Gambling Destinations – Caribbean Gaming Travel and Vacations

Caribbean Gambling Destinations – Caribbean Gaming Travel and Vacations

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2012, Poetess Defy, Denise N. Fyffe

Planning a vacation trip is an exciting event. A gambling vacation is equally entertaining and exhilarating. People who are planning a gambling vacation should keep a number of factors in mind. As you will be spending money, extreme details should be revised about where you will vacation, how much money you are willing to spend, how often you will be spending your money, what you will do with any winnings you may earn from gambling and what other activities you will partake of on your vacation.

The selection process for a vacation location that allows legal gambling is very important. Some possible locations include Jamaica, Nevada, Atlantic City, an Indian reservation or a cruise ship. There are different gaming practices that are permissible in these locations. Also the ambiance and hospitality will be different as well. Your first consideration may be which location is nearer to you. Another consideration is whether you are taking family members including young children. Some persons will be on a budget and want o opt for a cheap or all inclusive location. Wherever you can cut costs, such as travel, hotel and airplane costs is always beneficial to your overall expenditure.

interesting news

Setting a gambling budget is very important. People are more susceptible to overspending on a gambling vacation than a onetime visit; especially if you are spending time in that location for several days. Professional gamblers have a greater chance of managing their spending, but amateur gamblers will have more difficulty and try to recoup their losses. Have your spouse, significant other or friend to manage your money if you deem that you are having some difficulty. Leaving some of your credit or debit cards at home is another strategy. Also, you can take a card that has a predetermined limit and pay up for or set aside money for any incurred expenses outside of gambling. Remember the main purpose for going on a vacation is to have fun and relax. Do not allow instances to occur that will detract from the enjoyment of a family vacation.

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Gambling should not be the main and solitary activity that you indulge in on a vacation. This is a very destructive practise. In choosing a location, ensure that there are many other activities such as plays, shows, restaurants, outdoor games, spas, movies and other kid or family friendly things to do. If possible a schedule should be set, so that the possibility of having a lull in activities in least likely to happen.


Many traditional gambling destinations constantly provide packages. This may include travel hotel, car rental and food expenses. A gambling vacation does not have to cover a couple weeks; it can be set for a weekend as well. Due to the lure of gambling, people should be careful that they do not become an addict, while enjoying their vacation. They should also keep in mind that winnings are not guaranteed and that the purpose of the vacation is to enjoy all the entertainment and have lots of fun.

Reminiscing on Jamaican CashPot and Lotto Game: Advice on how to deal with Pathological Gambling

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2012, Poetess Defy, Denise N. Fyffe

There is a double-sided hypocrisy in Jamaica and that is the allowance of Jamaican Lotto and Jamaican Cashpot games; but on the other side the strong aversion to building and allowing casinos to develop. either way, there will be people who become addicted to both and certainly the Jamaican Lotto and Jamaican Cashpot games are causing more people spend what they do not have. Yes, there are those who depend on these games to survive; but good or bad they are still suffering from Pathological Gambling.

Gambling is an activity which you can find and do in any country in the world. It is fun, relaxing and gives you loads of entertainment. People gamble in different ways. They may gamble at horse racing, sports betting, car racing, card games, slot machine and even the lotteries. Gambling usually has very interesting, coveted and life altering rewards. Lotteries are very popular in many countries and people religiously go out and get their lottery ticket. Governments like the Jamaican government, even make a lot of money of it to cover their budgets and take taxes from your winnings.

But there is a downside to gambling and not many can handle it. Gambling ruins lives. Gambling ruins finances. Gambling ruins reputations. Gambling creates problems between families and alters how you perceive a person. People will take their last dime and gamble. Some people will skip work or school to go and gamble. Those who gamble online will stay on for hours, ignoring everyone and everything; they end up losing track of time even. And this is not a good thing for anyone’s physical, psychological and financial well being. To try to rise from the financial ruin you will find yourself in can seem impossible. This is so and gets worse when gamblers try to chase down a loss to recoup. This is never a good thing and will lead to more debt.

Pathological gambling affects the social activity of over ten million Americans annually. But it is a treatable addiction just as how one is able to treat a smoking or drinking addiction. Some believe though that it is not curable. Identifying Pathological gambling is not very clear cut and many will use different methods to do so. It is also extremely difficult because the person with the gambling addiction will lie to cover up their addiction.

The internet is relatively easily accessible. Majority of people have devices that can get them with no problem. Hundreds of millions of people use cell phones and these devices are now coming ready to access the internet. Hence, the problem with increased numbers of young people becoming pathological gamblers at an earlier age; the exposure is almost everywhere, with the lotteries as well.

Pathological gambling does not discriminate and everyone is prone to it from every social strata. It is said that in the early 1960s the percentage of people in the United States that gambled was at about sixty percent. That figure soon jumped to approximately eighty percent in the 1990’s. People who are prone to having gambling addiction include those who are depressed. Typically you suffer from depression when you have some life altering, stressful situation that you have not yet dealt with. In comparison, the rates for suicide are high in places which are gambling capitals like Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Therefore it is very prudent that people who have gambling addictions or depression should seek help.

Many more articles to come on gambling addiction and where or how to get help.

Jamaican Gambling: How to Use Gambling Losses as a Tax Deduction


By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2015, Poetess Defy, Denise N. Fyffe

A lot of people have to file their Taxes every year. This is a mandatory requirement by the US government.  They must report their earning and expenditure, and submit slips and receipts as proof.

The US government is very strict about its Taxation laws. Companies and individuals alike are required to pay their debt to society or face persecution. The IRS agency is responsible for overseeing any issues, aspects and matters having to do with Taxation. They employ some of the brightest statistics and mathematical minds. Therefore, it is every hard to scam or con your way out of not paying your Taxes. So let’s look at how to use gambling losses as a tax deduction.

We gamble to win. We never gamble to lose; however in either case we have to report such on our Taxforms.

IRS Form W-9

Millions upon billions of dollars are made generated annually from gambling practises. Owners of gambling establishments are multimillionaires just because of this. Some governments are run from the revenue generated from gambling. In every walk of life, people gamble; whether it is using lotteries, horse racing, card games, or sports, millions of people gamble. These millions of people, especially if they win must pay Taxes on their earnings. Withholding Taxes, and other types, are monitored by the IRS and other Tax departments in different countries.

In the USA, the gambling establishments record your winnings and document it on a W-2G form. This is then passed on to the IRS. You will also be given a copy for your own records. Now you can benefit somewhat from your Tax reports or you can lose big. Ensure to have accurate records.

All slips, receipts and other gambling documentation should be filed until needed to do your Taxes in that year. You can prepare a journal of your activities if you so choose. This will make it easy to keep track of information you may forget weeks or months down the line.

IRS 1040 Tax Form Being Filled Out

IRS 1040 Tax Form Being Filled Out

When you collect the IRS Form 1040, list out all your losses and earnings, but remember you will not be able to claim more than you have won. You will make these notifications on Schedule A. Replicate any information that may be on the W-2G forms given to you by gaming institutions. If you have won any money or items you will be required to indicate the value. If you don’t know the value, research the fair market value of a similar item and use that amount.

On the IRS form, you will place specific information certain sections. Any winnings, you will declare on line21 of the form, including those stated on the W-2G form. If Taxes were withheld by the gambling institution, you will again refer to the form and enter this amount on line 64. Indicate your losses on line 27. If someone else has gotten a piece of your winnings you will indicate this on another form. This is the IRS Form 5754. Ensure that you double check that all the information you have given is indeed correct.

Why are we tolerating child prostitution and forced prostitution in the United States?

To bring a little perspective on how destructive child prostitution is to the girls forced into it, I have heard, in a rare radio piece about this issue, that the life expectancy for many of these girls is just 22 years. So, death, at a very early age, is what awaits them after they have been forced to have sex with as many as ten to fifteen “customers” per 24 hour period for several days each week.

As Americans have a proclivity for lecturing the rest of the world on the subject of human rights, to avoid hypocrisy and to do the right thing, we need to act to eliminate the gross violation of these girls’ and young women’s human rights and of their dignity as human beings.
Regrettably, the demand for child prostitution remains high in our society. This is in itself a (damning) indictment of our culture. Let’s stiffen the penalties for the consumers of child prostitution, and more vigorously pursue and bring to justice the suppliers of it (organized criminals).

Marriagecoach1's Blog

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JUNE 15, 2012

Why are we tolerating child prostitution and forced prostitution in the United States?

Okay, this is not a news item in the sense that this appalling evil is not new in the US. What is news – or ought to be news – on the TV, radio, Internet, etc. is that there still has not been much reduction, not to mention eradication, of child prostitution and forced prostitution in the United States here in 2012. In recent months, I have heard of news stories about this ongoing atrocious injustice in Atlanta and in Las Vegas. It is widely known to be a chronic problem in the immigration depots of New York City and San Francisco. Forced…

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