Jamaica Olympics Medal Haul (1948 – 2008) Infographics


Jamaica is known world-wide for it’s performance in the area of track and field. In honour of our Jamaica 50 celebration and the up coming London 2012 Olympics, we will be showcasing a series of little known facts/statistics about our Olympics history.

First in this series is a look at our medal tally over the years and the venues where these medals were won. Please leave a comment and remember to share and like our page.


Balcostics Research

Jamaica is renown for it’s excellence in track & field. In this infographics, we highlight Jamaica’s performance at each Olympics from 1948 to 2012 London games. With Rio 2016 only a few months away, we pause to reflect on our past achievements.

What’s your prediction for the total number of medals Jamaica will earn in Rio?

Balcostics Olympics infographic-2016

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