Jamaican wedding

Jamaican Wedding: Planning a Wedding on a tight budget

By: Denise defy Fyffe.
Copyright © 2011, defy, Denise Fyffe

If you are planning your Jamaican wedding on a budget, you must first know what your finances are; whether it will be a loan, savings, parents etc. Then you should set a maximum limit, that you will absolutely not go over and a minimum limit. You will need to research, make calls and visit wedding locations to find out what these things will cost. Call the hotels, or vacation travel agency, you can go online as well; also visit a number of locations, asking relevant questions about packages, discounts etc.

Some people will wear the attire of family members; especially for Jamaican brides, their mothers wedding dresses and make alterations if necessary. Calling on your friends and family members to help with miscellaneous expenses is another way to cut expenses. Areas like wedding decorations, party favours and even making of the wedding invitations, can be done at get-togethers. This will reduce the amount of wedding planning stress you will have to deal with. Do you really need a Jamaican wedding planner? This can also take a chuck of your budget, the money you will save from going online and downloading wedding lists, and resources; you can put towards your honeymoon or food.


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