Jamaican german-shepard-wedding

Jamaican Weddings: Can your dog be your best man?


By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2012, Poetess Defy, Denise Fyffe

Dogs are known as a man’s best friend. Therefore it is only fitting that they be included in the Jamaican wedding; in which they have been included in many. Winter, summer of fall there are many ways you can incorporate  a piece or the very presence of your favourite canine at the wedding ceremony and maybe the reception as well. There are other ways you can have them included. Pictures placed at the reception, or even the wedding itself, and a brief mention of their involvement in your lives.

But before all these decisions are made, there are a few questions you must answer. It is important to know the temperament of your pet. It might not be wise to have aggressive or extremely shy pets at your wedding. They might cause more disruptions than you need. Can your dog be controlled around strangers? Does he whine, bark or move around a lot? If he is able to be very cooperative, does the wedding location you have chosen for your Jamaican wedding ceremony and reception allow dogs? If not, how else can your dog be included? If he or she is allowed, what is the procedure? Do you have to pay a security deposit? Is it that he has to be on a leash? Can he be carried, if small?

Now some of these concerns will be irrelevant if you are hosting an outdoor Jamaican wedding celebration and all you have to be concerned about is how to include him in the wedding celebration. Smaller pets are easier to manage and control. They can be held in the arms or carried in a basket by any member of the wedding procession. It is very important though that the animal be extremely comfortable and trusts the person who is put to care for them on that day. You do not want a friend or bridesmaid being nipped, bitten or worse. Remember animals are sensitive creatures and the slightest shift, if they aren’t comfortable they will react; especially if not trained.

Jamaican german-shepard-weddingSome couples, will ensure to get their canine friends suited out for the wedding ceremony as well. There are tonnes of websites, stores and boutiques  that cater to dressing your pets. You could choose simple accessories like bow ties, and tiaras. Or you may choose more elaborate costumes such as his own tuxedo, with a corsage or flower on his collar. Ensure to move it where he cannot be distracted by it. Pinkbellygifts.com is one popular website that provides wedding attire for your pet. You can get your florists to make them a wreath as well.

Ensure you have little necessary things to cater to their needs; like doggie treats, water, bowl and a chewable toy. These will help to distract him, and keep him fed and happy. Have an animal setter on hand if you will be going on honeymoon and there is no one else to care for him.



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