Jamaican Wedding: Beach wedding favors

Beach Wedding DressBy: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2012, Poetess Defy, Denise Fyffe

Jamaican Weddings are an occasion not just for sharing memories and celebrating with the bride and groom, but also of having fun. Having wedding favors is a traditional part of the wedding. It is how you thank your guests for making the effort to come out and celebrate with you. Having a beach wedding allows you to prepare and give your guests any number of fun favors. This will definitely unleash your creative side. People will definitely remember your wedding and if your wedding favor can be used over and over, they will for years.

Thinking about the ocean and beach can generate many ideas. List the things that come to mind like boats, caves, rocks, sea water, shells, fishes, sand castle, summer, kites, roman, the breeze and pirates. All these things can add to what your trinket or wedding favor will be. One idea is to have little miniature treasure chests, white shells from the sea or a little kite with the couple’s wedding date, names, and picture on it. A replica of sand can be at the bottom of the chest, of sand, with the information written there as well. Include little designs like hearts, roses and doves. This idea can be used as place cards as well, once they leave the wedding, each person will take theirs with them.

The chest can be large enough to hold a wedding photo, so that after the wedding the couple can send out snap shots that fit in them. Other photos of the bride and groom can also be used. The treasure chest can also have a small magnet or card. You can add Jamaican beach scene pictures, or one of the couple seating at the beach sharing a happy moment. The couple can also include their vows or a romantic poem, on the chest, especially at the side. There are many ideas you can play with in designing and stocking your treasure chest.

Using seashells or giving little fishes in two, can be a nice idea for a beach wedding favor. This will symbolize your union. Include cards and pictures or even some feed for them. You can get big sea shells and decorate them, add colors, messages and the wedding information. You can also tuck something of interest inside the shell. Another idea is a pirate’s scroll. This is an idea that you can play around with. Think about adding your vows or some fund memory. Play with the paper type, light translucent and of various colors. The scrolls can be in varying sizes. You can think about using miniature bottles to tuck them into. There are many unique Jamaican beach wedding favor ideas that you incorporate into your wedding.


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