Jamaican Poetry: Mi god, what a heat

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2012, defy, Denise N. Fyffe

Mi god, what a heat;
Di temperature gaan up and mi can feel nuh breeze.
Dis yah hurricane effect jus a linger sah,
Mi days dem miserable an di night dem wussarah.
Mi god, what a heat;
Everytime six o’clock come me vex.
Mi mind just linger and a watch di time;
Di clock it now a go she haf pass nine.

Not since di time of Daniel,
Me a feel dis kind a hell.
Me well waan sleep,
But mi nah lay down, pon dem deh sheet.

It tink mi nuh memba di torture mi did undah,
Mi a twist an a turn an a roll ova.
An all now mi caan get nuh sleep sah,
Mi get up fi drink some cool cool wata,
It neva mek sense mi did baddah.
When mi go inna di fridge and look fi pice a ice,
I man get a good, good surprise.
When mi look an search an dun survey,
I man nuh see di big block a ice, I lef since day.

Mi nuh knuh a wah happen to JPS, Dem jus a put mi thru bare stress.
Nuh light nuh deh, an heat nuff, God mussi a test if mi temperance tough;
Mi a sweat like a pig in july, an nuh tink mi a tell nuh lie,
Cause mi sheet dem deh deh fi testify.

Is a pity mi nuh deh pon nuh boat, Fi cause mi fi relax an jus start float.
Mek mi mind it wanda down di rio cobre river.
An tek di cool island breeze inna di summer.

But nah, it is not like dat, Mi cool river fantasy get flap.
As mi concentration it bruk, cause a di sweat a run duwn mi stomach.
All me knuh when light come an heat gaan,
Mi nah go figet dis yah 2004 Ivan storm.
It mek mi sweat, perspire an drip wata,
At di end a di day mi could a open mi own Dam a Mona;

Mi god, what a heat.


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