Fifa 2014 World Cup Qualifiers - countries

2014 FIFA World Cup – Venues

Brazil has been working assiduously over the last few years to prepare solid, beautiful and functional stadia for the 2014 FIFA World Cup games, which will be held in Brazil. Brazil was elected unchallenged as host nation in 2007 after the international football federation, FIFA, decreed that the tournament would be staged in South America for the first time since 1978 in Argentina, and the fifth time overall.

Twelve venues (seven new and five renovated) in twelve cities were selected for the tournament. The venues cover all the main regions of Brazil and create more evenly distributed hosting than the 1950 finals in Brazil.[18] Consequently, the tournament will require long-distance travel for teams.[19] During the World Cup, Brazilian cities will also be home to the participating teams at 32 separate base camps,[20] as well as staging official fan fests where supporters can view the games.[21]

Rio de Janeiro

Maracanã (71,159 seats)

Group F – Argentina vs Bosnia-Herzegovina
Group B – Spain vs Chile
Group H – Belgium vs Russia
Group E – Ecuador vs France
Round of 16 – 1C v 2D
Quarter-final – W53 v W54
Final – W61 v W62

São Paulo

Arena de São Paulo (Arena Corinthians – 59,955 seats)

Group A – Brazil v Croatia (opening match)
Group D – Uruguay vs England
Group B – Netherlands vs Chile
Group H – Korea Republic vs Belgium
Round of 16 – 1F v 2E
Semi-final – W59 v W60

Belo Horizonte

Mineirão (56,091 seats)

Group C – Colombia vs Greece
Group H – Belgium vs Algeria
Group F – Argentina vs Iran
Group D – Costa Rica vs England
Round of 16 – 1A v 2B
Semi-final – W57 v W58


Estádio Nacional de Brasilia (65,702 seats)

Group E – Switzerland vs Ecuador
Group C – Colombia vs Ivory Coast
Group A – Cameroon vs Brazil
Group G – Portugal vs Ghana
Round of 16 – 1E v 2F
Quarter-final – W55 v W56
Third place – L61 v L62


Arena Castelão (57,747 seats)

Group D – Uruguay vs Costa Rica
Group A – Brazil vs Mexico
Group G – Germany vs Ghana
Group C – Greece vs Ivory Coast
Round of 16 – 1B v 2A
Quarter-final – W49 v W50


Arena Fonte Nova (49,280 seats)

Group B – Spain vs Netherlands
Group G – Germany vs Portugal
Group E – Switzerland vs France
Group F – Bosnia-Herzegovina vs Iran
Round of 16 – 1H v 2G
Quarter-final – W51 v W52

Porto Alegre

Estádio Beira-Rio (42,153 seats)

Group E – France vs Honduras
Group B – Australia vs Netherlands
Group H – Korea Republic vs Algeria
Group F – Nigeria vs Argentina
Round of 16 – 1G v 2H


Arena Pernambuco (40,604 seats)

Group C – Ivory Coast vs Japan
Group D – Italy vs Costa Rica
Group A – Croatia vs Mexico
Group G – USA vs Germany
Round of 16 – 1F v 2E


Arena da Amazônia (39,573 seats)

Group D – England vs Italy
Group A – Cameroon vs Croatia
Group G – USA vs Portugal
Group E – Honduras vs Switzerland


Arena Pantanal (39,553 seats)

Group B – Chile vs Australia
Group H – Russia vs Korea Republic
Group F – Nigeria vs Bosnia-Herzegovina
Group C – Japan vs Colombia


Arena das Dunas (39,304 seats)

Group A – Mexico vs Cameroon
Group G – Ghana vs USA
Group C – Japan vs Greece
Group D – Italy vs Uruguay


Arena da Baixada (37,634 seats)

Group F – Iran vs Nigeria
Group E – Honduras vs Ecuador
Group B – Australia vs Spain
Group H – Algeria vs Russia


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