Côte d'Ivoire forwards Gervinho and Didier Drogba - Côte d'Ivoire 2 vs 1 Japan

The World Stops for 2014 Fifa World Cup – June 14 – 15, 2014

2014 FIFA World Cup – Karim Benzema shoots on the Honduras goal

2014 FIFA World Cup – Karim Benzema shoots on the Honduras goal

This weekend, my world stopped and I was lazy Jane for 48 hrs. The clothes were washed but not packed. Breakfast and Lunch became Brunch. The bed was stripped, but barely made. I skull a date or two and chatted with like minded, female shorts watching fans; who swooned over the Swiss and French men. Bun and cheese were for dinner Saturday night and it never tasted better.

I was serious about my blogging duties though. It seemed the United States, Canada and India were not getting adequate coverage of the matches on TV, because hundreds tuned into my blog for updates by the hour.

Its totally crazy! I spent the entire weekend watching 2014 Fifa World Cup matches. Almost every one. I love, love, loved watching the ones with the Spanish commentators.


I was kept in ecstasy; apart from more than a few near heart attacks from the excitement and fits of giggles every time a team scored or almost scores. By the time the match ended tears were running down my cheeks as the commentator draws out  ‘goal’ for 10 seconds or more. This totally gave me the understanding of the term ‘I could die laughing’. Thankfully by Sunday, I was able to find a stream with English commentators; because I did not think my heart could survive another day of….

“Mama Mia Italia, Goooooooaaaaaaaaaallllllllllll”

Fifa World Cup matches , are epic. They are capable of causing mini world wars or brokering world peace for a day. I kept thinking that the crime rates globally must be trending down, as even criminals must love the 2014 Fifa World Cup matches, right?

This one truth was and is undisputed though; every time I got up, a goal was scored. I have only seen 2 maybe 3 goals with my own eyes, before replay and over 30 goals have been scored in the tournament, so far.

“Hm, Lord I wonder what that’s all about”.

In the meantime, I am loving me some 2014 Fifa World Cup.


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