2014 FIFA World Cup - neymar injuries

2014 FIFA World Cup: Dutty World Cup tactics in Brazil

2014 FIFA World Cup.

2014 FIFA World Cup - Cameroon match fixing

2014 FIFA World Cup – Cameroon match fixing


As this 2014 FIFA World Cup progresses, I am convinced even more that this has been one of the duttiest World Cup ever. Players are being attacked and ruthlessly injured; case in point Neymar Jr. from Brazil.

I read an article recently – In a World Cup With Aggressive Play, Yellow and Red Cards Vanish – which cited that Fifa had ordered their referees to lessen the number of yellow cards being issued and as a result, players from various teams have been using shady tactics to dismantle their opponents. Certainly, some have even used thuggery tactics which would make any WWE wrestler proud.

Fifa certainly has made a grave error in judgement, because what was once seen as a 2014 FIFA World Cup game that brings joy and excitement, now, seems to be akin to Rumble in the Bronx with Mohammed Ali.

Take a look at the pictures, to see a few of the 2014 FIFA World Cup players who have suffered, gravely.


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