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Jamaican History: More Jamaican Patois Lessons

JAMIEKAN ALFABET couetesy of John Wells's phonetic blog

JAMIEKAN ALFABET couetesy of John Wells’s phonetic blog

ENG: It’s been a long time since I have seen you girl.
JAM: Gal yuh noh dead yet?

ENG: Oh Lord, we have lost electricity again.
JAM: Lawd …..current lack aff again.

ENG: This meal is not too bad.
JAM: Di food can eat.

ENG: Where did you buy that awful Bracelet Cindy?
JAM: A weh yuh buy dat deh big ole ugly bangle deh misis?

ENG: Hors d’oeuvres
JAM: Ah wah dis likkle sinting you a gi me?

ENG: Here kitty kitty… get down from the roof.
JAM: Hey dutty puss come aff a di house tap!

ENG: I think something is wrong with Susan, she might have the flu.
JAM: Lawd gad obeah tek up Suzie!

ENG: Oh my God, I just broke mom’s expensive plate!
JAM: Lawd mi gad, mi bruk up mama stoosh crackry!

ENG: aren’t those pants a bit short?
JAM: you did a expect flood or yuh tek yuh measurment inna wata?

ENG: Why are you squeezing the mangoes like that?
JAM: Lissen to mi nuh, mi a beg yuh stap fingle-fingle up di mango dem.

ENG: Sir, please don’t throw my luggage like that.
JAM: Aye buff teet bwoy, tap fling up-fling up mi bag dem suh man.

ENG: I wish you would quit lying.
JAM: Tap di blinkin lyin, yuh ole liyad.

ENG: Lift up the hood of the car for me John.
JAM: Hey my yute, fly di bonett rasta!

ENG: I am Waiting for a taxi and it’s taking so long!
JAM: But wait, no Robot naah run todey!

ENG: Get me a pop please.
JAM: Beg yuh carry wan drinks fi mi deh

ENG: It’s time for a Perm.
JAM: Gal yuh head waan Cream, yuh noh si how it tough?

ENG: Yuck!! This is nasty.
JAM: Kiss mi neck back!! What a sinting tase bad an

ENG: I wish you would close your mouth.
JAM: yuh mout come in like when grip cyaan shut.

ENG: Girl, your acne is terrible.
JAM: Massa gad, pickney, yuh face bumpy-bumpy an fayva grayta eeh


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