Jamaican Relationships : Jamaican Men are purposefully confusing

“I don’t know what to think! Or is it I don’t want to believe?” Nia said. “I am ready for a serious relationship, or at least I think I am. But my player genes keep rebelling. Guys keep coming to me with their double lives and try to get one over me. Pity for them, because I tend to know what they are all about without them saying so.”

The thing is, Nia was tired of it.

Jamaican men are purposefully confusing.

Jamaican men are born players. They lie, connive and use every deceitful trick if it suits them. Unfortunately, that makes for a lot of broken homes and hurt Jamaican women.

Jamaican men need to just be upfront! If all they want is a ride in the sack, then say so. They will find Jamaican women who can categorize and compromise; hence, the saying Mr.Fix It, etc.

But, sex is overrated when it is devoid of emotional connection; for a woman anyway. It becomes mundane and mediocre and that was not the purpose. Certainly it is not the divine design, hence why so many of us end up being damaged goods and live a life of grief, hurt and regret.

Jamaican men sometimes talk a good game and suck at playing it. Jamaican women are so over the talk. So over the smoke screen, so over it all. Call her Ms. Jaded.

I am ready for Love… (There goes India Arie in my head). But there are many Jamaican women out there who are ready for a lifelong commitment and honesty. That’s why so many women read romance novels, because what exists in reality is so depressing. Jamaican men seriously lack this nowadays.


Copyright © 2014, Denise N. Fyffe

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