Living With the Kinks: Hairstyles, Quick Natural Up-dos & Twists

Someone mentioned, in one of my Google+ communities, how protective hairstyles would keep me level-headed on the matter of giving up when I’m at the state of not knowing what to do with my hair. I am, without a doubt, not going to toss all this time I’ve invested in this natural journey and go back to a relaxer so, the protective styles are probably the best thing for me now. The idea never crossed my mind before.  My hair is at a full collar-bone length now so, instead of battling with it from day-to-day, I think some protective up-dos just might do me some justice.  That or go for another trim…

So, I ran to Google search as I do for everything from a persistent headache to new recipes for mixed alcoholic beverages.  I found a lot of blogs, tons of pictures, and YouTube videos of quick and easy protective up-dos!  I pretty much have my hairstyles planned for the next two months and it will be a much-needed break on the maintenance of these kinks.



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