Riverton City Dump courtesy of Jamaica Observer

Jamaicans choking on Riverton city smoke

I woke up this morning, March 13, 2015, feeling like I inhaled a room full of smoke. When I finally made it out to the car, I realised, I have probably been inhaling smoke for the last 8 hours while I slept. This is the reality for hundreds of thousands of Jamaicans who are in close proximity to the Riverton City dump as it burns out of control since March 11, 2015.

“This is nothing new.”

“Government fault, dis is what dem put we thru every year.”

Those are the comments on every Jamaican’s lips as they fortify themselves against the smoke bellowing from the dump in volcanic proportions.

The video from the Jamaica Gleaner shows some overhead shots of the burning taking place at the Riverton City dump.

As I made my way down Spanish Town Road and into the city, I realised that the smoke now blanketed the entire corporate area. Everyone, now, would get a dose of what I have been experiencing for a week. Last Saturday morning, I came out to a car literally covered in ash. The same for this morning and Wednesday morning.




Another year, another time Jamaicans are forced to suffer from the unabated burning at the Riverton City dump.


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