Asia's cafe in york pharmacy in Jamaica located in the middle of HWT

Jamaican Review: Asia’s Cafe in York Pharmacy – Part 1

Asia's cafe in york pharmacy in Jamaica located in the middle of HWT

Asia’s cafe in york pharmacy in Jamaica located in the middle of HWT

The cafe experience is a novelty in Jamaica. A very good one nonetheless. It is a modern take on your Jamaican pastry shop experience, with coffees and teas thrown in, almost every variety on the market on display. Asia’s Cafe in York Pharmacy seems to replicate this novel trend in the ‘heart of Half Way Tree‘.

I first experienced this quaint little spot, Asia’s Cafe, in December of 2013. At 2:00 a.m., I came in from spending the night screaming in agony at the University Hospital of the West Indies. There only the divine healing touch of God helped because the doctors and nurses could not care less about a screaming woman holding her stomach.

Now let’s travel back to Asia’s.

While my beau got my medication, I sat and enjoyed a warm panini sandwich with a Welch’s Strawberry Kiwi juice. I especially loved the friendly customer service of the two nice young ladies and took home a mini black forrest cake because of it. I left pledging to come back, especially for lunch.

I didn’t go back as i had hoped, for lunch because the measly 45 minutes I got for lunch would not allow it. Plus, my horrible boss would surely make me regret the indulgence. That night, I found Asia’s Cafe to be heavenly and a respite from the hellish experience I just had at the hospital.

I went back a couple months after and was sorely disappointed when I heard that they no longer served Paninis. Oh, how it broke my heart and my appetite. I had been dreaming and salivating for months about biting into a warm panini.

Why Asia’s? Why?


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