cool oasis gas station

Jamaican Review: Beware at Cool Oasis Gas Station, make sure the gas hits your tank

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2015, Denise N. Fyffe

cool oasis gas station

cool oasis gas station

Gas, fuel; that thing we put in our cars and cannot seem to live without. It dictates our food prices and gives an excuse to every industry to raise their prices beyond the limit of the everyday man’s pocket. Over the last several years the fuel prices in Jamaica has poll vaulted into a different stratosphere. The phenomenon that caused a riot in the early 1990s did not even register a blink in the years after 2010.

Gas, it’s necessary to these man made machines, which could be remade to use water, the most abundant resource on earth. It is necessary. Then you can understand my ire when I paid $1000 for gas at Cool Oasis and maybe only $300 got in the pump. At the moment I gave them the benefit of the doubt, again. But when my car didn’t register a change after five minutes into my journey and the car engine had enough time to adjust; I was upset.

You see, this was the second time that I had been ripped off by those who worked at Cool Oasis gas station. The first time I paid for windscreen wiper fluid, only to run dry the following morning. I was not amused then and I am not amused now. I reported the issue to the supervisor on duty, was told someone would be in contact. No one ever did. The details I gave were very specific; you see I have somewhat of a photographic memory, and I could recall even the exact spot where the security was standing, who served me gas, the approximate time and that the attendant opened my bonnet, went inside, came back out, bonnet closed and wished me well.

Then, I got the run around until I threatened to write about it; because I was being told the boss was not there to handle the situation. They got him on the line real quick when they saw I was serious. Now the same threat was needed to invoke any action. Something is unethical and morally compromising with that Cool Oasis gas station located at Hagley Park Road.

It is a certainty that I will never buy gas from Cool Oasis gas station again. In recent times we have heard the complaints of gas pump attendants fooling motorists and stealing their monies. Well I can tell you I lived this reality and you have to be vigilant. Pay attention when they are putting gas into your tank. Ensure that you can see the readings and it matches your requests.

Until such time, drive good.


One thought on “Jamaican Review: Beware at Cool Oasis Gas Station, make sure the gas hits your tank

  1. tia says:

    That is so true Christiana is known for not pumping has especially the new workers they steal your money between them and the supervisor who all plan it..mrs christopher in Christiana at fedburgh


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