Classroom boredom courtesy of

Education: Post Graduate in Education – Class…its like watching paint dry – Semester 3

Classroom boredom courtesy of

Classroom boredom courtesy of

By: Denise N. Fyffe

Officially the semester is just beginning; 4 days, 2 classes and the unwanted issues that comes with studying as already begun. Unofficially my third semester begun a month ago, when I begun my Teaching Practice 1 and 2. I was determined to finish my programme in a year and be ready for some long-awaited business which could pop up at anytime; on its own timetable of course, obviously not mine. But even with exemptions and due to scheduling rules, I have one outstanding course to come in September. Honestly, I wish it was all done the traditional classroom can be un-challenging and boring. Speaking of boring, there seems to loads of that this semester and I really resent it.

As I always say, you cannot teach educators modern techniques for the classroom and have one of their facilitators be as interesting as dead man’s ashes. I have lost all motivation for this class and my brain is constantly flirting with the idea of switching classes. My first class was like watching paint dry. By half time, my classmates noted my slumped over demeanor and all the like-minded looked like they were being tortured unnecessarily.

What am I to do? Bite the bullet? Suck it up and trod on? Or find another facilitator who could at least motivate a heart beat inna mi chest? I dunno. The other facilitator is definitely not boring, far from it. He has enough intelligence and energy to motivate a dead horse back to life; though his pervasive ego and penchant for sexual innuendos could be left in the closet. His own personality makes the classroom experience thrilling enough.

Teaching Practice has put me through my paces. My overachiever mentality has me teaching 4 classes in the morning at 7:00 a.m. and one on Sunday. So already I completed my TP1 hours even without a first visit from the assessor. I was well on my way to finishing my TP2 hours before I was even assessed for the first. I was not amused and had utter disdain for the unprofessionalism I have found seeping from VTDI’s pores. It was a stench that made me long for the old days. I take my work very seriously and I had no regard for anyone who jeopardized any of it.

Studying to be a certified teacher and trainer is actually quite rewarding, I wouldn’t turn back. However, this future educational administrator would remove the elements and personage that gives the present VTDI programme an hypocritical front.

Copyright © 2015, Denise N. Fyffe


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