Wedding Vows – writing tips

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2015, Poetess Defy, Denise Fyffe

black_bride 4Upon meeting and becoming engaged to the person you wish to marry you may want to write your own wedding vows. To many it is highly important that they express, in their own words, how they feel about their partner and what they think about them. The process doesn’t have to be difficult and labor intensive, neither do you have to be the next Shakespeare to do so. With the required time, energy, and dedication you can get this task completed with little or no problems.

You may want to talk to your fiancé and the person officiating the wedding about writing your own wedding vows, in some places it might not be allowed. But, you won’t know until you ask. In speaking with your spouse you will find out if this is something you wish to do. After doing this there are a few things you may want to consider; this may involve a little trip down memory lane. When did you realize you loved your fiancé? Identify things you really love about them and also jot down your most cherish memories of being together. What significance does your marriage to them have? Do you think there will be changes once you are wed or will things stay the same? And you may want to mention what type of wedding you wanted when you were younger.

After identifying these things, it will make writing your wedding vows so much easier. You will now have to think about whether you will write your vows together or separately. Many couples write their vows together because they are starting a life journey together. If so, find a quiet place where you both will not be interrupted. Put away all distractions including the phone. Gather the supplies you will need like pens, pencils and paper; or computers and laptops. Consider setting a time limit for how long you will do this each day and what your goal end date will be.

You can write in separate rooms if you prefer. Another way to write your wedding vows is by writing it as a letter. Remember the questions you answered before, you can use them to do this. Remember and include songs, quotes, movies or other little things that are special to both of you. You might have chosen to share your pieces once your finish, or not. If so, this might get emotionally intense and laughter and tears are allowed. If you wrote letters, you can choose the best sections to use as your wedding vows, and including any wording that’s necessary for the service. Remember two different vows are needed, the bride’s and the groom’s. The final step is to present them to the minister, pastor or officiant for his seal of approval, be open to his suggestions as he has been doing this for a while. You can write your wedding vows, with the intention of surprising your spouse on the wedding day; just keep in mind the guidelines previously mentioned. Practice, practice, practice; become comfortable with what you have written.


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