Seaview Gardens Jamaica: Teenage Moonlight Lovers 2 by Denise N. Fyffe

Recently the police have been conducting raids on parties and they have arrested children, who should otherwise be in their beds, and their parents face prosecution as well. After I wrote my article, I discovered this article: 20 children arrested at party in Seaview Gardens

Denise N. Fyffe

The Mating Call

lovers-271191_1280At night, the Seaview Gardens teenage moonlight lovers come out in all their glory. Shorts and skirts are worn, leaving nothing to the imagination and allowing free access to parts which should otherwise remain under chaste custody. But no, they are drawn like the tide by the high summer moon, then they pair up and sneak off; mingling the way lovers do.

In the early years, I was quite perplexed for a season and wondered if I had drifted into the Amazon jungle. It seems every time some youth passed by the lane, all kinds of birds chattered after him. I soon realized that like the maroons of Jamaica who traveled through the hilly terrain of the interior, these ingenious hormone-filled teenagers had ciphered a way to send messages to each other.

Usually grills and doors would open and young teens would be seen wandering off into…

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