Short Story: Excerpt from Gray Shades, 6 months (Beverly) by Denise N. Fyffe

6 months!

6 months of denial, 6 months of anger, 6 months of hatred, 6 months of bargaining,6 months! It was time to accept what was clear before her and stop this waste; before it continued for another 6 months.

Beverly had enough and she could no longer lay in bed, closing her eyes to what was so conspicuously laid before her. She had shed enough tears, lost enough hair, stressed until she was sick. Her doctor bill was so high, she would soon need a second job, just to pay it off. Looking at her unkempt hair, which was once a black woman’s pride; now her long and healthy tresses were a tangled mess; Beverly shook her head at the ghost that stood before her, in the mirror.

Today, she would start to rectify the things that were wrong in her life. Today, she would begin the process of looking out for herself, since the one she loved, didn’t.

First stop, the hair salon.

Beverly sniffed and gagged; first, she would need to take a long shower, with enough Dove body wash to inoculate the Ebola virus.

….Stay tuned for more…

Copyright © 2015, Denise N. Fyffe

Facing the challenges of a life filled with hurt, depression and suicidal tendencies; the journey towards transformation


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