finish-the-school-year courtesy of livingunabridged

Education: Post Graduate Diploma in Education – The End is Nigh

By: Denise N. Fyffe

finish-the-school-year courtesy of livingunabridged

finish-the-school-year courtesy of livingunabridged

Thank you Jesus! I am now completing my final semester.

It has been a long journey, which upon reflection has gone by in the blink of an eye. If it was not for these reflection posts, which are my own therapy, I would have forgotten somethings. From lazy classmates who leech off your assignments to frustrating egomaniacs. From incompetent lecturers who are not able to teach the material to those who are obviously hypocritical in their practices and do not actually practice what they teach; to my own impatience with the systems in place. Overall, the teacher, student experience was frustrating and tedious; but, as it relates to the quality of the VTDI Post Graduate Diploma in Education programme, I would give a grade B.

Honestly, I have learned a few things about myself this last year and been reminded of how student Denise can be. Firstly, I do not suffer fools. When it comes to my education, my grades, my GPA it seems I can be a mini tyrant. Whereas some are OK with mediocre grades and even allowing others to take charge of the full assignment process; Denise is not OK with that. As Digicel Jamaica tag lines says, Be Extraordinary. This is what I strive for in my school work. I think I might have chomped off a few pounds of flesh from those who decided to act the fool with my school work.

There is one grand area worthy of commendation for the Vocational Training Development Institute, that is the registration process. For any student that pays the fees in full, each semester the registration process is quick and painless. Last summer and this semester, I was able to get my registration card, fill out the registration form, identify courses and get the necessary signatures in under five minutes; especially as I was pre-registered.

The teaching environment for the most part is good. They now have a rock garden with a pond and hopefully some koi fishes. I cant wait. I just might skip a few classes to enjoy the promised relaxation which will surely come from imitating a statue in this garden. On the other hand, there are those classrooms which are separated by partitions. For the most part, classes go on without interruption. But there is this one teacher, whom I am convinced is deaf and as such ramps up her students with no consideration to others. I am not amused by this because as a multi-modal student, I am distracted easily by almost every sight, sound and act.

This is a great hurdle to my learning this semester and as such I have respectfully requested a change in classroom.

My final course is Principles of Teaching and Learning 2. The lecturer is a lovely lady with years of experience and who effective attempts to keep me interested through the sessions. I like her so far. She consistently practices what she teaches; well for the for two sessions thus far.

Man, I am into my third week and it is taking me all my efforts to focus; I have not even blinked at my assignments due at the end of each month. The first assignment requires coming together in a group and I honestly hate that. Already it is proving tedious and knowing me, if it was an individual task, this would have already been submitted to the teacher.

Aww well! Time to knuckle done and get the job done.


Copyright © 2015, Denise N. Fyffe


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