Short Story: Excerpt from Gray Shades, A pessimistic view (Katherine) by Denise N. Fyffe

By: Denise N. Fyffe

A new thing is demanded because Katherine was bored with life.

She is tired of her realities, frailties and personal tragedies. Katherine is not impressed by the construct, which is, humans. Neither is she moved by their expressions of sincerity as they turn to abuse just as quickly because of their fickle nature.

Life holds a spade and she holds nothing. Not even a vested player in this tournament as the cheaters have us pegged and it is simply better to watch, endure and pray for a painless death.

Her life had been a merry-go-round of pain, hurt and disappointment. Katherine can’t seem to catch a break or exist in a time or space where no one would hurt her. It made no sense caring for people because they were susceptible to their own selfish cravings, they couldn’t see beyond themselves or complete selfless acts. Mankind always disappointed her, its not like she didn’t know that they would; but this Holy Spirit kept on extending compassion. Why, she couldn’t tell.

So, she would continue wasting her time searching for the ninth wonder of the world. Behind curtain number one is curtain number two, behind curtain number two is curtain number three and so on and so forth. Reward, is but a despondent’s careless dream.

Where hope and love should exist, can be found the solitude of immortal disappointment and perpetual loops of ‘same old, same old’.

Invention is but recycling and babies are but minions marching through a18 year prison sentence. No better or worse than death by fire ants.

And then, a streak of sunlight crawled across the horizon; weak from fending off the clutches of the popular misguided beliefs of dashed hopes and exorcised pessimism.

One step at a time …

…a pessimistic view indeed.


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