Short Story: Excerpt from Gray Shades, Praying away the Evils (Lisa) by Denise N. Fyffe

By: Denise N. Fyffe

Dishonesty, deceit, lying, evil, conniving, hypocrisy – and all things evil are a bunch of Lisa’s pet peeves.

To say she hates them and on the brink of hating the vehicles of these evil ‘actives’ – wouldn’t suffice.

She have had it up to her medulla oblongata with dealing with people of these natures. Soon, Lisa worries, she might start acting like an overzealous, just born again Christian and aggressively rebuke them. Maybe this is what she needs to do?!

She is scared, for them, to pray about it; as Lisa has a tendency to pray like Elijah and say God return unto them and their generation the evil, they have visited on others.

The last time she bind up some people and their spirits, which was recently, they were sick.

So she has a soft spot even when she is righteously angry.

Each day, Lisa fights to find any good in this world. She has become jaded with life and wish to call it a day. The bible is right! There is nothing new under the sun; and Lisa feels like she have lived a few centuries.

Sometimes, she wishes that happily ever after, wasn’t just the things you read about in books; and didn’t have to wait on heaven for.

If you happen to cross her path, please just bring good tidings, happy memories and peace

If you are taking with, any evil ‘actives’; you run the risk of being sick…

Just a warning!


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