Short Story: Excerpt from Gray Shades, A Preying Hunter (Mya) by Denise N. Fyffe

By: Denise N. Fyffe

The hunter or the prey, who would u bet on; especially if the prey becomes the hunter.

“So sick of this double standard marble pot called Earth,” Mya thinks to herself.

One set of rules for men and another for women. Tis a pity, they have lame, idiotic and misguided ideas of themselves and their capacity.

“But what do I know”, she mused. Women aren’t much different either, but we sure are better at mis-directing. Being a hunter in a prey’s skin is so dull, but it is a worthwhile disguise; Mya thinks to herself.

However, boredom and stress are two issues that Mya is struggling with, and any movement towards a jiffy’s amusement cannot be disregarded.

Something’s gotta give, because her double standard of a prison, exists for a reason. And already as a prey, she is tired of the ‘faux’ hunt.

This sure doesn’t help her accumulative problems either. Something’s gotta give…


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