Feature on Jamaican Honey and Sauce by Denise N. Fyffe

Jamaican Honey and Sauce by Poetess Denise N. Fyffe

Jamaican Honey and Sauce book cover

Jamaican Honey and Sauce book cover

This was the first book that I ever published. After doing so, I felt a sense of great accomplishment. My mind was taken back to when I was a little girl sitting on my neighbors roof, and I had the desire to be a writer someday. This was the beginning of that journey.

Jamaican Honey and Sauce is love poetry for every woman’s enjoyment and every man’s delight.

From petty crushes to the moans of the broken hearted. From private fantasies to the rumblings of true love. From teenage romance to the musings of office workers. Honey and Sauce captures the intense, passionate thoughts and emotions of men and women everywhere.

Enjoy the sentiments inspired by puppy love, the first kiss, and the first time. Relish the sensations evoked by remembering when. Dip into the succulent emotions, rarely uttered, and privately desired. Jamaican Honey and Spice captures the essence of love and lust.

honey to my sauce book cover

honey to my sauce book cover

Since then, this book has been revised three times and is now known as Honey to my Sauce. Initially, I was so excited about the book that I flung on a black book cover and went with the first name that popped up in my head. Yes, I seem to still do that. Nonetheless, the cover is changed and the name as well.

My books can be found at a number of online websites, including:

Bookworld.com.auSmashwords.comBarnes and Noble, Rakuten.co.jpLulu.comAmazon.com – United States, Amazon.co.uk – UK, Amazon.ca – Canada, Amazon.co.jp – Japan, Amazon.it – Italy, Amazon.es – Spain, Amazon.fr – France, Amazon.at – Austria, Amazon.de – Germany, Scribd , Bookworld , Easons , Kobo, The Hive Network iBooks, Nook, IBookstore, Baker & Taylor, Copia, Gardners, eSentral, PagePusher and Bookophilia bookstore in Kingston, Jamaica.

Enjoy this excerpt from the book:

Princely Deception

Walking down the road in cool December

My eyes stumbled and bucked up this brotha

Six feet of pure handsomeness

Features a prince could only possess;

Teeth that glittered like freshly laid snow

A smile that signalled welcome home

The effect I felt as my breath left my chest

Utopia so divine I said yes Lord yes

Strutting like a sun god, he floated over

Whispered sweet nothings and bowled me over

My smile was high and six feet wide

Thoughts floating and I’m thinking, is this my guy;

A spiritual tap bid me to stop

A voice so still one I totally forgot

My main man was speaking binding me to listen

As he filled me in on this brotha I was courting;

The low down I received

By this brotha I was nearly deceived

Words flew as I overturned his coup;

You see I have this man

Who speaks without deceit

He already possesses the treasures you offer

The treasures I seek;

Don’t think me dumb or even naïve

Lies and falsehoods don’t interest me

The love I ask for and all the things I need

This man already died for, on a tree.

Poetry Books by Denise N. Fyffe:

  1. Jamaican Honey and Sauce
  2. Jamaican Pebbles
  3. Jamaican Pebbles: Poetry Pocketbook
  4. Love Under The Caribbean Stars
  5. Sensuous One
  6. Honey to my Sauce
  7. Messages to The Deaf
  8. Be Lifted Up
  9. Recount Jamaica

For more of Poetess Denise N. Fyffe blogs and articles visit:

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