Thieves in the Workplace book cover

Feature on Thieves in the Workplace by Denise N. Fyffe

Thieves in the Workplace book cover

Thieves in the Workplace book cover

Occupational theft is a billion dollar industry in and of itself. Every year global organizations face the challenge of minimizing the loss of inventory, goods and financial standing. Numerous measures have been implemented but with the onset of the global financial recession, people have become even more desperate and innovative in their methods to siphon off company funds. Countries continue to suffer including the US, UK, Europe, Australia and Jamaica.

Thieves in the Workplace also examines the occurrence of on the job theft in an urban multi-disciplinary tertiary institution in Jamaica and strategies are then recommended that can be implemented to deter perpetrators from repeating the violation..

It is said that poverty is the mother of crime and this statement can be deemed true even though there are those who have sufficient, but are still greedy for more. However, with the increase in white-collar crime in Jamaica, one can see that there is a direct correlation to the high levels of poverty and deprivation currently affecting the country. People will become resourceful and create opportunities or means to take what rightly belong to others without earning it themselves. No place is it least expected but more rampant than in the workplace.

In the United States (US), companies overall lose upwards of US$50 billion annually due to employee theft. Jack L. Hayes International conducts a global Annual Retail Theft Survey of “23 of the country’s largest retail companies with 18,900 stores and over $596 billion in 2012 retail sales. Just these 23 major retailers alone apprehended over 1.1 million shoplifters and dishonest employees and recovered more than $189 million from these thieves in 2012” (Lasky, 2013).

Get your copy of Thieves in the Workplace and arm yourself with information and strategie son how to prevent workplace theft or white collar crime.

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