Relationships and Closing Chapters

Sometimes, when you are not happy with something or someone; you simply have to walk away. Leaving a relationship is always difficult, especially when you have grown emotionally attached.

Every woman wants happiness, love, and commitment, to be treated like she is the most important person in someone’s life. Most women want a relationship, where she can be herself, be the loving creature that’s busting out inside. They also want for all that to be reciprocated and for her man to be a gentleman. Women crave for their man to want them more than she may want him and express that to her.

The main lesson here is when a relationship does not have the ingredients that a woman needs, sometimes, she wont settle.

Men ought to understand that they have to just be straight with women. If we know what we are getting into from the beginning then you, as men, would be surprised. Women know and choose whether they want a sexual relationship, a one night stand, a friend or a romantic committed relationship. So don’t show romantic interest if what you want is just sex.

When a need exists, only what is needed can squelch the urge.


Copyright © 2014, Denise N. Fyffe


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