Sex Advice, You don’t know as much about sex, as you think you do – Part 1

cute-coupleBy: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2014, Denise N. Fyffe

You don’t know as much about sex, as you think you do.

The basic necessity for most human beings is sex.

This carnal desire that drives men and women to desperate and unexplainable actions, has a power that most people cannot explain. This act causes marriages to break up from lack of, the improper use of and sourcing it outside of. It also drives pubescent children to loose their precious virginity, to the the first cad who shows any sexual interest. Sex has even been the nail in many people’s coffins.


But what do we truly know about, the act and how to derive maximum desire from it, specifically for our partners?
Men have a tendency to brag about their prowess, their stamina, their skills, the many women they bed etc, etc, etc. Women are frustrated by men’s lack of prowess, lack of stamina, lack of skills etc, etc, etc. And for most, if you check, it is the same couple with different stories about the same experience. Now, women have a tendency to fake.



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