Sex Advice, You don’t know as much about sex, as you think you do – Part 2

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2014, defy, Denise N. Fyffe

couple on benchStop Faking.

Women, who does it really help? Who lies frustrated? Constantly complaining? Missing out on the best that sex has to offer? We women.

Men, you need a reality check; some of you. You are all not God’s gift to women in the ‘bedroom’. You put on a circus act of extreme proportions, not realizing that you are the only one enjoying the show.

The act of sex, love-making, coupling, whatever name you desire…should be extremely enjoyable for both participants. Both partners should be considerate, involved, and enjoying the act. There is no room for selfishness.

It is a fact that there are many issues that may exist, that cause one, or both partners to not enjoy sex. However, there are many inventive measures one can take to resolve most of these problems. The first is communication. Open your mouth and say something. If a particular trick, touch, or move is not working for you then say so nicely and show your partner what works. Be bold, I know for some this may be hard, but if there is anywhere you can get away with it, its in the ‘bedroom’.

If you are single and hooking up with a person once, some of the suggestions may be relevant. Wing it. Do what makes you comfortable, but don’t fake it women. Men, be bold in asking a woman what she likes, what turns her on, and try not to be come on too strong. Use your God given charm, or practice if you think you weren’t given adequate measure.

Both men and women should do their research on sex, foreplay, how to make love, positions, etc.

Gone are the days when ‘missionary’ was the only position people knew about. Or a man would come, take…slam, bam thank you maam. There are limitless resources, a sink hole of information on the internet, and books that can enlighten anyone who thirst for knowledge. Do you know what Kama Sūtra, Tao or Tantra is? If you don’t, know that a lot of your sexual problems and limitations would be solved if you knew.

Do you know the difference between coming, climax or an orgasm? Believe me they are all different, for both sexes. Lovers should be open to explore each others fantasies, learn what makes our partners toes curl, and implement creative strategies to spice up your love life. Especially, if you are going to be in a committed relationship for years on end. No one who is (screamingly) satisfied sexually in a relationship, brings it to an end.


1. Stop Faking

2. Communicate

3. Be Bold

4. Research

5. Find new tricks

6. Be considerate

And there are many more things, you can do. Remember, sex not only allows you to share your body, but your essence, your soul and everything that is you. You don’t know as much about sex and pleasing your partner as you think you do. everyone has their preferences, and what might work for your last lady or guy, may not work for your current partner.

Be safe, wrap it up and/or get frequent HIV testing.


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