Jamaica Election 2016, Portia Simpson Miller vs. Andrew Holness

Fly di gate

Over the last six months, Jamaicans waited in anticipation for the announcement of the General Election date. Well, in the first month of the year, everybody’s prayer was answered. At a massive Peoples’ National Party (PNP) gathering in Half Way Tree, surveyed by 21st century drone technology, the Honorable, Portia Simpson Miller called the date for February 25, 2016.

Then Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller, announced the date of the general election on 31 January 2016. The nomination date of 9 February 2016.

Andrew Holness

All signs indicated that the Comrade leader had a good chance of retaining her crown. Until the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) leader, Andrew Holness, released a 1.5 million bomb in Half Way Tree himself.

“No income tax for people earning, 1.5 million a year or less.”

He said what? Yes, you heard right.

And so the tides rose and Jamaica was caught up in one of the biggest election swings – I say tsunami – to date.

Since 1944, the PNP and JLP have duked it out for control of the government. JLP won 8 of 17 elections and the PNP, by and large to former Comrade leader, PJ Patterson won 9 of 17 elections. In 2016, the JLP was victorious. The Honorable, Andrew Holness had the last laugh. He is now serving his second term in government as leader of the Jamaica Labour Party and as Prime Minister of Jamaica.

But, who really will have the last laugh?

Jamaicans are watching. They are eager to see whether the new Prime Minister will execute his election promises with the first 100 days.

Jamaicans are also eager for the reading of the 2016 Budget, due to come, in April 2016.

Portia Simpson Miller

Meanwhile, many are also eager to see whether the Comrade leader, Portia Simpson Miller will retain her presidency over the Peoples’ National Party.

Interesting days are ahead!

Members of Parliament and Former MPs are expected to be on their best behavior; but even now, many have allowed their loyalties to be called into question.

Some may say that is pure idiocy. Others would say its pure immaturity. Time will tell. The foolish are not treated favorably in politics.

But, time will tell. 2016 might very well be the year of a great reaping and replanting of the political landscape.

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