Protester Logan Browning wears tape over her mouth reading "I can't breathe" while demonstrating against the shooting of a man by the Los Angeles Police Department in Hollywood, California

Propagate Positive and Constructive Criticism


If yuh have notin good fi seh, dont seh notin.’

The recent general elections and campaign season has provided a true representation of how negative and disrespectful people can be. Primarily, on social media platforms, the behavior is a 100 notches above repugnant.

It seems every time the trumpet is sounded, or the bell is rung, many party faithfuls spew so much bile its difficult to feel proud of the political process. One has to wonder, if we should do a poll, what would be the measure of Jamaica’s moral code?

The guilty often encompasses even those we expect to be saintly. It seems there is no hope for Jamaica to rise above its own pettiness.

The bible encourages us to speak well of others. It encourages us to not engage in idle talk, because in the end, we will have to account for every adjective, verb and noun; whether its well intended or not. Of course I am paraphrasing; but, you get the gist.mohammid ali

Many of us Jamaicans like to seh, ‘if yuh have notin good fi seh, dont seh notin.’

It is a pity, only a few of us take that advice.

The next time you think to tear someone to shreds with your word, whether on social media or face to face; whether they be a politician or an acquaintance, ‘STOP, THINK‘ and consider if someone spoke to your child or mother like that, would you be OK with it?

Instead of partaking in the proliferation of verbal garbage, propagate ‘positivity’ and constructive criticism.

Maybe, this country would then have more than a turkey’s chance during thanksgiving, of surviving; of ascending to higher heights.


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