The PNP Must Return to its Socialist Roots

Constant renewal of thought and process, while keeping the core firmly at the centre of the organisation, has always been the PNP’s strength. The Struggle consistently continues.  Even as a huge fan of social media, I refuse to say that the lack of use of that medium is even slightly what caused the Party to lose the General Election.  The PNP’s demise was the disconnect from all strata of the population and an IGNORING rather than an ignorance of their roots – Socialism.

Comrades shouldn’t only blame the Comrade Leader or any other single person. They all have to accept a slice of the blame, because they all sat there, saw the decline, yet did nothing to curb the reaction and purge the reactionaries. At the same time they steadfastly ignored the people who were pointing out that they were walking in the wrong direction.

Source: The PNP Must Return to its Socialist Roots. – The Jamaica Rose

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