Books by Jamaican Author Denise N. Fyffe

For over a decade Jamaican writer, Denise N. Fyffe, has authored several volumes of poetry, while maintaining quite a few blogs on the WordPress platform. Denise believes her true calling in life is to be a writer and all else are bonus gifts that she has the freedom to explore. Her morals are deeply rooted in Christian principles and she lives to be a genuine example of her faith.

Denise N. Fyffe

Jamaican Author and Poetess Denise N. Fyffe

Poetess Denise Fyffe, reading at the Independent Voyces Literary Fair Poetess Denise Fyffe, reading at the Independent Voyces Literary Fair

Denise N. Fyffe, B.Sc., b.1981 in Kingston, Jamaica, since 2002 has worked in several Information Technology positions and as a Teacher. Presently she is the IT Programme Coordinator for a Jamaican University. During her career, she has worked for such organisations as Infoserv Institute of Technology, Heart Trust NTA, Pearson Education and the University College of the Caribbean. She also works as a freelance writer and works with many local and international clients to produce hundreds of online articles, creative content and website content in addition to eBook materials.

In addition to studying Software Development and Design offered from the Caribbean Institute of Technology, she completed her degree in Career Development and Counselling at the Vocational Training and Development Institute. Presently, she is pursuing a Post Graduate Diploma in Education. As a child…

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