Tips for Cold and Flu Season

Tips for Cold and Flu Season

This season, I caught both a cold in February 2016 and the Flu in June 2016. I conclude that the strains have changed because, they were both devastating. The Flu had me at home for two weeks. I had majority of the symptoms and my nights were beyond miserable.

In the final week, I was left with puffy sinuses and a constant flow of mucus. In the next couple posts, I want to share some information on dealing with mucus/phlegm.


It is a familiar aliment, the Cold and Flu; one which mankind has long suffered with. In modern times, less people are dying from this ailment, than even a hundred years ago. Flu season is considered to last between October to May; the colder months of the season. It should be noted that this is when people are usually more indoors and in closer proximity to each other; therefore, the influenza virus spreads easier.

Cold and Flu season usually puts us out, makes us uncomfortable and disrupts our everyday life. As if the coughing and the sneezing wasn’t enough, that stuffy, puffy feeling comes along as well. You don’t have to endure the suffering. Once you understand the symptoms and how to get rid of it, you can use the remedies to alleviate your congestion.

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