Rio 2016 Olympics: Results For The Men’s 400m Hurdles Round 1

Rio 2016 Olympics continued this morning with the Jamaican males performing in the Men’s 400m Hurdles Round 1. Annsert Whyte, Jaheel Hyde and Roxroy Cato made it through to the semi finals. Whyte with 48.37s looked impressive; while Cato came in fourth with 48.56s .


7:30 a.m.: Men’s Triple jump qualifying round, Groups A and B
7:35 a.m.: Women’s 200m Round 1
9:35 a.m.: Men’s 400m Hurdles Round 1

6:30p.m.: Women’s Discus Throw qualifying round, Group A
6:40 p.m.: Men’s 110m Hurdles Round 1
7:30 p.m.: Women’s 400m Hurdles Round 1
8:25 p.m.: Men’s 800m Final
8:45 p.m.: Women’s 400m Final

*Jamaica Time

1 Annsert Whyte Jamaica 48.37s
2 Karsten Warholm Norway 48.49s
3 Javier Culson Puerto Rico 48.53s
4 Rasmus Mägi Estonia 48.55s
5 Roxroy Cato Jamaica 48.56s
6 Keisuke Nozawa Japan 48.62s
7 Abdelmalik Lahoulou Algeria 48.62s
8 Haron Koech Kenya 48.77s
9 Boniface Mucheru Kenya 48.91s
10 Thomas Barr Ireland 48.93s
11 Jack Green Great Britain 48.96s
12 Byron Robinson United States 48.98s
13 Oskari Mörö Finland 49.04s
14 Eric Cray Philippines 49.05s
15 L. J. van Zyl South Africa 49.12s
16 Kerron Clement United States 49.17s
17 Andrés Silva Uruguay 49.21s
18 Jaheel Hyde Jamaica 49.24s
19 Sergio Fernandez Spain 49.31s
20 Michael Bultheel Belgium 49.37s
21 Yasmani Copello Turkey 49.52s
22 Sebastian Rodger Great Britain 49.54s
23 Eric Alejandro Puerto Rico 49.54s
24 Yuki Matsushita Japan 49.60s
25 Le Roux Hamman South Africa 49.72s
26 Miloud Rahmani Algeria 49.73s
27 Kurt Couto Mozambique 49.74s
28 Mahau Suguimati Brazil 49.77s
29 Jaak-Heinrich Jagor Estonia 49.78s
30 Kariem Hussein Switzerland 49.80s
31 Miles Ukaoma Nigeria 49.84s
32 Dmitriy Koblov Kazakhstan 49.87s
33 Amadou Ndiaye Senegal 49.91s
34 Jehue Gordon Trinidad & Tobago 49.98s
35 Mohamed Sghaier Tunisia 50.09s
36 Michael Tinsley United States 50.18s
37 Lindsay Hanekom South Africa 50.22s
38 Marcio Teles Brazil 50.41s
39 Jose Luis Gaspar Cuba 50.58s
40 Chieh Chen Chinese Taipei 50.65s
41 Patryk Dobek Poland 50.66s
42 Ned Justeen Azemia Seychelles 50.74s



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