Rio 2016 Olympics: Results For The Women’s 200m Round 1

The Jamaican women were back on the track at the Rio 2016 Olympics, on Monday morning. Participating in the Women’s 200m Round 1 were Simone Facey, Elaine Thompson and Veronica Campbell Brown. VCB did not make it through to the semi finals, however Thompson and Facey will represent Jamaica in the semis.


7:30 a.m.: Men’s Triple jump qualifying round, Groups A and B
7:35 a.m.: Women’s 200m Round 1
9:35 a.m.: Men’s 400m Hurdles Round 1

6:30p.m.: Women’s Discus Throw qualifying round, Group A
6:40 p.m.: Men’s 110m Hurdles Round 1
7:30 p.m.: Women’s 400m Hurdles Round 1
8:25 p.m.: Men’s 800m Final
8:45 p.m.: Women’s 400m Final

*Jamaica Time

1 Marie-Josee Ta Lou Côte d’Ivoire 22.31s
2 Deajah Stevens United States 22.45s
3 Tori Bowie United States 22.47s
4 Michelle-Lee Ahye Trinidad & Tobago 22.50s
5 Dafne Schippers Netherlands 22.51s
6 Murielle Ahouré Côte d’Ivoire 22.52s
7 Ivet Lalova-Collio Bulgaria 22.61s
8 Jenna Prandini United States 22.62s
9 Elaine Thompson Jamaica 22.63s
10 Nataliya Pohrebnyak Ukraine 22.64s
11 Ella Nelson Australia 22.66s
12 Jodie Williams Great Britain 22.69s
13 Blessing Okagbare Nigeria 22.71s
14 Edidiong Ofonime Odiong Bahrain 22.74s
15 Dina Asher-Smith Great Britain 22.77s
16 Semoy Hackett Trinidad & Tobago 22.78s
17 Simone Facey Jamaica 22.78s
18 Mujinga Kambundji Switzerland 22.78s
19 Crystal Emmanuel Canada 22.80s
20 Gina Lückenkemper Germany 22.80s
21 Lisa Mayer Germany 22.86s
22 Nercely Soto Venezuela 22.89s
23 Tynia Gaither Bahamas 22.90s
24 Ángela Tenorio Ecuador 22.94s



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