Rio Olympics: Jamaica’s Elaine Thompson Double Olympic Champion of 100m 200m

Pot covers could be heard clanging all over Jamaica, even before Elaine Thompson completed her race. By the end, ears were ringing and Jamaicans jumped up and down grinning and beaming proudly. Jamaican’s love their sports. We love our athletes and we luv a gold medal.

Elaine has been dominant in both the 200m and 100m, at the Rio 2016 Olympics. She managed to hold off every threat from both Dafne Schippers and our girl Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce. Schippers fell to the ground from her effort after crossing the line in second place. Thompson did not even realize that she had won until after she saw the results, while resting on the track.

elaine thompson double olympic champion of 100m and 200m

It is only great things that we expect from this young lady, who has made Jamaica proud.

Photo Highlights

Screenshot 2016-08-17 20.31.27

Screenshot 2016-08-17 20.31.58

Screenshot 2016-08-17 20.33.18

Screenshot 2016-08-17 20.34.07

Screenshot 2016-08-17 20.36.22

Screenshot 2016-08-17 20.37.24(2)

Screenshot 2016-08-17 20.36.34

Screenshot 2016-08-17 20.36.44

Screenshot 2016-08-17 20.36.49

Screenshot 2016-08-17 20.36.50

Screenshot 2016-08-17 20.37.56



 Schedule for Jamaican Athletes


8:55 a.m.: Women’s 800m Round 1

6:45 p.m.: Women’s 100m Hurdles semi-finals
7:15 p.m.: Women’s Long Jump Final
8:00 p.m.: Men’s 200m semi-finals
8:30 p.m.: Women’s 200m Final
8:55 p.m.: Women’s 100m Hurdles Final



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