Jamaican Wedding: Tips for The Hairy Groom


By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2012, Poetess Defy, Denise Fyffe

Many people who tattoo their skin have the areas that display the tattoo waxed or shaved; especially if it is very hairy, like their arm. Manscaping is a novel idea for some men; the thought of removing hair from places such as your chest, arm or back is just an intolerable thought. But, this might be very considerate if you plan to vacation one an island and strut your stuff on the beach, at your Jamaican Wedding. It will also be considerate to your new wife. Women shave, pluck and wax almost every part of their body; men may consider doing this for some parts of theirs.

Removing hair is a serious contemplation for men; especially those who are macho and are highly against it, but

Paulino's armpits

will consider it for their spouses. If you are going to shave or wax certain areas, keep in mind the need to moisturize and use sun block to both protect it from sunlight and keep it moisturized. If you plan on venturing to the Caribbean or any tropical area this is even more necessary. Here is another great reason to remove unsightly hair. It will look horrible and repulsive on the beaches or in public. If you have back hair or an immense over growth of chest hair consider, waxing. As men, you should be even more tolerant of pain; as it does not last forever. Your newlywed wife will be very appreciative, receptive and might even reward you for your actions in making your Jamaican Wedding and honeymoon, perfect.

A lot of people shave their armpits. Seeing a bushy forest from under a man’s arm is truly a put off and might be a huge turn off, if you are planning on wearing tank tops at your Jamaican Wedding or on those tropical getaways. Another benefit is that, once removed, you will not have to worry about your odor or perspiration so much; as the deodorant will be applied directly into your skin. The occurrence of sweat marks and stains on your shirts should also lessen. This act is both beneficial to you and your partner.

Gillette shave gel

Removing hair from your hairy groom, man bits; now this is a tricky topic for some. You do not have to go as bald as a new born baby. You have different alternatives, like just trimming. Remove the excess. If you choose to shave all off, then you have to maintain it, as anywhere you remove hair, there will be stubble. This can give our spouse razor burn or chaff her skin.

Tanning is another consideration for those all white and milky men; especially if you are coming from the colder regions. You might not want to glow when you visit the tropical islands or at your Jamaican Wedding. You don’t have to do excessive tanning in tanning salons. You can choose to go to a spa and allow them to air brush you. Choose a nice shade that will compliment you and not make you look like an orange human.



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