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Wedding dress options for a beach wedding

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2015, Denise Fyffe

black_wedding_couple 2The location of the wedding is almost as equally important as the wedding itself. The venue sets the mood of the ceremony and gives a general sense of the love felt in your relationship; of course this will be aided by the wedding decorations. But many wedding venues, or locations for wedding, need no extra help, they can simply take your breath away and give the bride and groom many good memories for years to come. Having a wedding on the beach can be a majestic idea especially with a beautiful and breath taking back drop.

Picture crystal clear white splashes of water hitting the rocks and beach. Picture a beautiful sunset, and smell the clean scent of the air; all these things will add to the ambiance of a romantic occasion. More and more couples are opting to have their weddings on the beach than in a prissy chapel, with traditional garbs. Having your wedding on the beach also frees you from having to weigh a dress that weighs a ton. Brides can play around with a number of designs and millions of colors, and patterns. If you wear a long gown on the beach, it will not stay clean for long. You run a great risk of having a dirty, muddied, designer gown; and no bride wants that on her wedding day. You will also have to tug and lift the train more often than if you were any place else, because of the dirt and sand. This will surely detract from the happy and festive feelings you should be having, and you will likely be more irritable.

Destination wedding gowns are just as beautiful and competitive as traditional wedding dresses. These can be easily located at the designer stores or bridal boutiques. Many boutiques and shops specialize in these types of dresses. BeachWeddingDressSome designers who make these dresses include Jessica McClintock, Alfred Angelo and Impression Bridal. They create the perfect top of the line designs. If you are having difficulty finding these dresses in a store, ask the assistance of a store clerk or assistant. They will be happy to aid you in making the right selections that fit your style and wedding theme.

These dresses can then be accessorized easily. First, you would not be required to wear a veil; wearing a veil on the beach will have you fighting with the wind and this may be very distracting. If you desire something in your hair, you can wear a floral headpiece or even flowers arranged nicely. Because of the windy condition, consider holding your hair back from your face in lovely hairstyle. Make sure you select comfortable shoes that you can wear safely on the beach, especially in the sand. Do not wear heels; it can be a treacherous undertaking. Think about incorporating sandals, elegantly designed flip-flops or ballerina slippers. Numerous couples have gone without their shoes on their wedding day.


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