Flow Jamaica: Day 5 ‘Magical Christmas’ No Internet Service

On the fifth day of Christmas, I don’t have the energy to call or check on another farcical story. Still no internet, but who cares! Surely not FLOW JAMAICA , they don’t care about our troubles, just money!

Saturday, December 23, 2017 this Flow Christmas is a nightmare, not a ‘Magical Christmas’ dream.

FLOW JAMAICA jingle says, ‘Its that time of season…Come mek we laugh and sing…Watch some ting? Let’s come together… I just want to give…. The greatest gift of all. Flow where magic happens this Christmas.

What a farce!

Another jingle says ‘One people we sure respect… let the whole world know, this is how we Flow.’

I wonder how if Managing Director, Stephen Price knows that ‘This is How Flow Jamaica, flows’?

I manage to dial 100 again. First time wait 30 minutes, billing department ain’t picking up me dear. Second time round was 16 minutes, Oshane to the rescue, I tried not to chew his ear off in a minute.

Oshane was probably the most competent rep that I spoke to, he made so many checks and could verify all I told him. Between washing my hair and taking a bath, he told me my node was not included in the report.
I said, “Oshane, I been calling all week, they since Wednesday morning that our node was still out, and not the entire scheme. I spoke to Saneke, Christopher and Oniel. Not to mention everyone else name that my mother and has repelled. People go by the office, there were technicians here. You trying to tell me after five days our report is not there?”
Oshane apologized for the team, while I wiped the shampoo suds out of my eyes.
He went through and patiently investigated. He could tell me the history of problems, from December morning, phase 1 has been without internet service. Phase 2 was without from the prior week. 49% of us were still without. He could name my node and pinpoint exactly where.
I said, “Oshane, why did your cronies in the office not know this, not check this, just as you are going through? Dem don’t care about customer service? Or it is because you know what it’s like here?
For an hour, he checked and verified then submited the report. He said his supervisor now needed to review and send to dispatch and they to send a crew.

If it was for his efforts alone, I know we would have internet service a long time ago. But no thanks to everyone else who couldn’t care less.

So world, be aware that FLOW JAMAICA is the worst telecommunications company anywhere. All since they joined with the previous worst, LIME/ Cable and Wireless. Now the people of Jamaica suffer and bear a ‘Magical Christmas’ under FLOW JAMAICA.


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