Flow Jamaica: Day 4 ‘Magical Christmas’ No Internet Service

On the fourth day of Christmas, I am close to tears. Frustration riding me, like a monkey on ma back, in high gear. 

No internet, no credit, no entertainment. I started my new book and almost completed it in a night. This situation worse than when Hurricane pass through and yuh nah nuh light. At least yuh would see the JPS crews. Right now, FLOW don’t care about the residents of Seaview.

Friday, December 22, 2017 again I tried and dialed Flow Jamaica customer service line. I was sick and tired of talking to customer service reps by this time. They put you on hold for minutes at a time, with Flow Jamaica ‘Magical Christmas’ rinsing out, in yuh ears, for the 1500th time.
They lie, pretending to get a supervisor. They just make you wait another five minutes, which seems like forever.

Every rep says something different, because no hand knows what the other hand is doing.

I am told a technician is assigned to get to get to me in two days, 48hrs. Christmas Eve!


‘We apologize for the inconvenience caused.’
I laid my troubles on him and nailed him like a sinner to the cross. 

I said you guys are wicked, who is going to refund my money? Who is going to compensate me for income lost?
Christopher seemed distressed for me. I doubted that too.

He then proceeded to explain that the area had received internet many days ago. Only our node was problematic and this should have been fixed long ago.

I said “Exactly, your technicians don’t care bout poor people. Bet yuh if it was Cherry Gardens or the Golden Triangle, your people would have been come and gone, and the issue resolved last year!”

We both agreed on many things that day. I could barely be appeased with the fact that I was simply in the cue and might see someone come through, Christmas Eve.

Oh what a tangled web, Flow Jamaica weaves. 

A ‘Magical Christmas’ indeed!

By noon, I heard from my neighbors that a crew passed through to assess the situation, they said it was nothing they could do. They will file a report for another team to come through.

By late evening, I see a technician in the path, him look more lost than trying to find a cause. Oniel he said, was his name. He too couldn’t fix it, that was a shame.

I told him, “It is a node and fiber issue. Where is the team?” This felt like a nightmare, a Flow ‘MAGICAL Dream’. He tried to call Gregory, who they say is the best. But his phone turn off, no luck, just more stress.
So off Oniel goes into the night. A new dawn comes and it’s the fourth night.


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