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Little Conveniences In The Time Of Covid-19

While we cannot know your countries’ particular take and reaction to the coronavirus pandemic that has defined 2020, it’s true to say that many of us have had our lives turned upside down. However, we’re not here to provide insightful commentary or opinions based on that, as you’ve likely heard this incessantly for the last six months and more.

We are, however, here to talk about the little conveniences in the time of COVID-19.

How Do We Handle the Inconvenience of Covid-19?

Practicality is what’s needed, especially in the uncertainty that lasts as we go into winter. As renewed lockdowns become enforced and new habitual efforts become the norm, it can be quite nice to think about not what we must now contend with, but what conveniences we may wish to apply.

There are many of these we could consider, and potentially make use of.

There’s no shame in making things easier for yourself in 2020. So, how can you implement lifestyle changes that might make the difference, even when stores, services, and other facilities are closed or undergoing systemic changes?

Let us consider that, through the lens of how an ordinary person may live and wish to be regarded:

Prescriptions Delivered

There are many opportunities for you to have your medical prescriptions delivered to you, provided you go through the right service. This can help you stay on top of your medication, especially in these times, where worthwhile healthcare is fundamental.

Prescriptions being delivered to your doorstep, or arranged for a loved one who maybe just a little less mobile than you are, can be a great use of your time. It helps you ensure that no matter what, your weekly medication requirements are taken care of.

This can also prevent you from missing a dose, or going without, or worrying about price hikes at this time, as you’ll have already booked and ordered the correct amount of medication you need for the near future.

Life Implements

Of course, we all need to leave our house in order to purchase and book our acquisition of life implements, but that’s not always so easy in the time of Covid-19 and renewed lockdown. has made this process much easier to deal with, helping you choose from a range of worthwhile frames that will help you look great, and more importantly, help you see clearly.

You may also find that purchasing clothes online from retail stores can open you a range of worthwhile discounts as we move into winter.

You can order ring sizers for jewelry, or sole measuring units to help you ensure you purchase the right shoes online. It can be good to equip yourself with the little measures you need, such as a tape set to help judge your sizings when buying online, lessening the need for you to return items.

Combined Subscriptions

Little convenience can also come in the form of combined subscriptions for your family can help you save money, and it also helps you keep up with the usual standard of living you are accustomed to.

For instance, you might find that subscribing to a family Spotify plan helps you save money and ensures the ambiance of your home is all but assured in a positive light.

You may also decide to subscribe to other entertainment services, or meditation apps, or meal planning organizers aimed at helping you and your family come together and live healthily at this time.

For some, ingredient services can help them cook well and stay on top of their weight loss goals.

Subscriptions are a great way to regulate your life, because their cyclical nature and charges mean that you can easily organize them, continually review how useful they are to you, and more. That’s a great place to start and may help you feel intrinsically motivated to live your best possible life.

If those aren’t worthwhile conveniences, it’s hard to tell what will be.

Social Apps

We all need to stay social in these times, which is hard when renewed lockdowns begin to prohibit house mixing and more.

Social apps are there to guide you and help you connect to people you love, outside of your house. From video conferencing apps like Zoom that grant you the means to connect with your family members, to Discord and its open chat functionalities, to simple Whatsapp messaging groups, social apps are there to help you connect, discuss, and remind yourself that other people are only a message away.

Social apps are also a great means in which to express yourself at this time.

Have you been baking a lot in lockdown? If so, that’s wonderful, so why not share some of those photographs on Instagram or Twitter? We can often view online means of socialization as parasocial to a worrying degree, but when meeting up in person is unwise at best, this can be quite a worthwhile and comforting measure to take.

Don’t disregard them, they can help you feel comforted at a time when mental health is an important concern.

Bulk Purchases

Bulk purchases can also make a lot of positive difference in how cost-effective lockdown may be, and how easily you are able to prevent unnecessary trips out of the house.

Heading to your local wholesaler, investing in a large freezer, and filling it with freezable goods can help you ensure you don’t need to leave your home without caution.

Of course, be careful about panic buying, or over purchasing items that you don’t need. This can seem like two disparate pieces of advice, but you can find that there’s a worthwhile balance to strike here. You know how much you and your family need for a month or two.

Making Fitness Easier

It’s important to stay fit and healthy, and while most lockdowns allow you to gain at least one hour of outdoor exercise a day under the strictest conditions, it can be nice to have a simpler solution.

Investing in an exercise bike or treadmill the whole family can use may help you ensure the health of your wider family in the best possible sense.

Making fitness easier can also be aided by following Yoga videos online, or by learning how to stretch, or by purchasing a kettlebell, or sometimes by learning basic bodyweight exercises such as squats, stretches, and more.

Making fitness easier may help you feel more disciplined and able to lose weight or maintain your waistline, especially at a time where you may be inclined to bake and eat a range of delectable treats.

Automatic Ordering

Just like subscriptions, setting up automatic ordering can ensure you are never without the purchases you may wish to make. It can also prevent you from overspending, as when we’re browsing any online store it’s easy to add unnecessary items to our basket.

Amazon and other online retails permit these functionalities.

You might find that every month, you can order little items you need, such as moisturizers, charcoal face washes, toiletries, cleaning products, and more. Again, taking some time to set all of this up may help you remain in your home and away from exterior exposure you simply don’t need.

Online Counseling

We have discussed how online socialization can be helpful for many trying to keep up with people they care about – but you’d actually be surprised to hear that online counseling and therapy are now available for many, too.

That’s not a bad thing to go for at this time.

You may find yourself quite able to express yourself in a comfortable setting, and this can do a world of good for your mental health if appropriate.


With this advice, we hope you can more easily understand and use the little conveniences that can help you through the rough time of Covid-19.



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