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Women’s History Month: Salute to All Women

This month is Women’s History Month; however, women should be celebrated every day. They are the pillars and cornerstone of our homes, communities, and society. They are the ones who often shape us as individuals and provide unconditional love.

Salute to All Women

Being a strong role model and nurturer, women play their roles selflessly.

They sacrifice to ensure that their children and all those who are around them are cared for and loved. We know our mothers to be some of the strongest people on earth. They steer us and teach the guiding principles that we often live by, as adults. They are always there even as adults when we need refuge and support.

I take time out to salute the women leaders around the world and in various industries; for being no less than any man but continuing to excel and launch new endeavors in the business world. To our women doctors, lawyers, ministers, auxiliary workers, farmers, nurses, police, bus drivers, and every other woman in the centers and outskirts of my island home, Jamaica. I salute you.

Salute to All Women for Women's History Month

Thank you for being the shoulder we can cry on

Thank you for putting food on the table

Thank you for your sacrifice

Thank you for teaching lessons of love;

Thank you for being that kind face in the hospital

Thank you for being that understanding and gentle teacher in the classroom

Thank you for enforcing and protecting our rights

Thank you for your hard work,

…as you continue to toil, every day and night.

Poem Sistah, Lift Yuh Head Up! by Poetess Denise N. Fyffe



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