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Living the Multi-Potential Life: Why Some of Us Don’t Have One True Calling

I have always had many interests – knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Teaching, training, counseling, writing, designing, traveling, conceptualizing/ideator, serving, and meeting the needs of others.

I get bored easily and often move from one creative interest to the other, as needed.

Living the Multi-Potential Life

The thing is, many of the interests that I have gives me great joy; especially when it comes to publishing, training, writing, counseling, and community involvement.

If I am designing a magazine, banner, or book cover – it’s like the purest rain of peace is flowing within me.

When I am crafting an article, the words spirit from my fingertips like baby Usain Bolts.

When I am giving back, through feeding, clothing, etc, initiatives it feels like the purest of heavenly sensations.

So, why should I settle? Why should I give up these experiences and focus on only one pursuit in life for anyone?

The Struggles of Living the Multi-Potential Life

The downside is, I live in a world that tries to pigeonhole me and put me in a box. Worse yet, those who identify the potentials, seem to always want to take advantage of it.

Can you identify with this kind of life?

Recently, I came across a TED Talk by Emilie Wapnick. She too shared this dilemma and her Talk, truly resonated with me. She encourages people like her to embrace their skills. For others to embrace and have people with multipotential in their groups because they bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to the table and can work adeptly to solve complex problems.

Why do I have to shape my life to a box that everyone else tries to put me in?

Why do you?

Well, no more. Let’s venture to create our own reality. People with multiple potential are like rare treasures, which should be allowed to flourish and contribute to the wider society without being penalized by others – especially employers.

Employers and recruiters often look at the resumes of people with multiple potential and think they are less valuable and cannot contribute. Truly, this couldn’t be any farther from the truth.

Having someone with multi-potential working at your company, allows you to tap into a bottomless reserve of knowledge, skills, and abilities. They will always have fresh ideas when you are posed with unique problems.

I have had managers who always say to me, “Where do you always get these ideas?”

I love problem-solving. I love a challenge.

If you are struggling with being a multi-potentialite. Then STOP struggling and embrace the many gifts and abilities, which you were born with.

Know that you naturally have three top skills:

  1. Idea Synthesis
  2. Rapid Learning
  3. Adaptability

If you love working with people, leading teams, solving budget accounts issues, meeting people’s needs, and building beautiful structures – you are well on your way to having the necessary skills of running your own construction, architecture or landscaping business.

Be positive.

Identify your skills.

List your dreams.

Write down your life goals.

Take the first step.

Love yourself and live the life that you want.

Follow your curiosity down the rabbit holes! Live a more authentic life by being true to yourself.


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