Mango Heaven in Jamaica: Benefits of Eating Mangoes

It’s spring and I am in mango heaven.

Mango season is here.

Unlike past mango seasons where I had to depend on the neighbor’s trees and going to the market, this season I have several mango trees of my own.

Julie, blacky, and stringy mangoes are now a simple stroll away, in my back yard. This I have certainly taken to do, almost every day. My diet has changed for the season and breakfast, lunch and snack now consist of one or two mangoes.

jamaican mango heaven

Jamaica is quite bountiful when it comes to mangoes.

Not only is the countryside littered with fruit, but the residential yards and roadsides as well. All the markets and supermarkets will be filled with every Jamaican mango variety imaginable.

Parents will be stocking their bags and kids will be peeking into those same bags as soon as they hit the kitchen counter.

It is important to note that mangoes help kids who have concentration problems. The fruit improves memory because the Glutamine acid keeps cells active.

Eating Mangoes in Moderation for Health Issues

Even though I am a diabetic, I have been preparing for months so that I can have a safe amount of these delicious morsels.

My diet is on point and mangoes are my meals and not accompanying a meal; I also must have all things in moderation with this new diabetic lifestyle.

Living healthy and eating healthy is very important, especially for people with diabetes and one way in which to do so is to eat a lot of fruits.

Mangoes like many other fruits have niacin, minerals, iron, vitamins, amino acids, vitamin C and E, magnesium, flavonoids, calcium, beta carotene, potassium, and anti-oxidants. It also has very few proteins, fats, and calories.

Certainly one could not debate that it is good for you.

This sweet and savory fruit also has many other nutritional and health benefits.

If you are the kind of person that exercises, having a mango afterward helps to restore your energy quicker.

Mangoes revitalize the nerve tissues in the heart, brain, and muscles as well as in other body parts.

Other benefits of eating mango include improved eye health with vitamin A, fighting cancer with phenols such as fisetin, quercetin, astragalin, isoquercitrin, gallic acid, and methylgallat.

The digestive enzymes aid digestion and you will have no problem in passing stool regularly. Acne sufferers will benefit from the mangoes if the pulp is put on the skin for a few minutes; your pores will thank you for this.


Not to be left out are pregnant women.

Mangoes have a good supply of iron and assist people with anemia. Take caution though because mangoes aid in weight gain.

We can certainly thank our Indian ancestors for bringing this fruit to Jamaica. With all these benefits it is no wonder Jamaicans are so healthy and children flock to the trees in this decadent mango heaven.


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