Rio 2016 Olympics: Usain Bolt Three Time 100m Olympic Champion

Tokyo Summer Olympics 2021: More About Usain St. Leo Bolt

Long time nuh see! Who yuh talking about? Nuh Usain Bolt.

He is still around folks. Many Jamaican athletics fans are about to fall into a melancholy mood wishing that Usain Bolt was still sprinting, especially when the Tokyo Olympics starts. This playful, six-foot-five, naturally talented, fun guy is now a family man; working on his 2.5 kids.

With the Tokyo Summer Olympics 2021 right around the corner, the world will still be buzzing about Usain Bolt and his legacy; comparing other athletes to him. They will be reviewing his races and talking about his track records.

More About Usain St. Leo Bolt

Spend an hour learning about your favorite male Jamaican (retired) athlete.

Usain Bolt is the greatest athlete of his generation, having won three Olympic gold medals back to back in the 100m and 200m track events. Shattering the world record in both, he is the world’s fastest man! No stranger to struggle and defeat, Usain shares his journey from growing up humbly in Trelawny, Jamaica, to dominating and conquering the world stage in athletics. ”

Stay tuned for more from the Tokyo Summer Olympics 2021.


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