Seafood Facts and Trivia About King Crab

Seafood Facts and Trivia About King Crab, Spider Crab, and Snow Crab

It’s time to learn about the different types of seafood out there, especially king crab spider crab, and snow crab.

Seafood Facts and Trivia

Seafood is a type of food that many people love to eat after cooking crab meat. This is not only because of its nutritional value but also because of how tasty and easy to cook it is. Dating back to the earliest time, man could always rely on the sea and rivers to find him food like fish.

By our definition seafood includes any plant or animal that is taken from the sea and prepared as food. This includes the scrumptious king crab, spider crab, and snow crab that you like to eat.

Many other animals could be categorized as seafood.

Many of these we are all familiar with and which are of the traditional group. Seafood includes lobsters, shrimps, crabs, fishes, conchs, or mollusks. The definition will change, or some animals will have a different categorization depending on the country.

Like in New Zealand some marine animals are called ‘game’.

Within the fish category, there are many fishes that we catch and prepare. They include anchovy, carp, catfish, cod, eel, haddock, halibut, herrings, mackerel, salmon, sardine, snapper, tilapia, trout, and tuna.

One of the worst smells is that of dead fish; that is why as much as possible they will be kept alive in tanks while being transported or sold, frozen, and prepared soon after being killed.

Another way we preserve fish is by salting it after it is dried.

This has been done from before the times of ice and refrigeration. This is typically done to mackerel, herring, and cod; meanwhile, others such as salmon, tuna, and herring are cooked and canned.

The other popular seafood is crabs.

This is a billion-dollar industry with the king crab being the preferred choice. There are many species of crabs used for export which include spider crab, snow crab, blue crab, and Dungeness crab.

The fishing grounds in the Alaskan region are very deadly but still, hundreds of crews go out to catch millions of tonnes of crabs each season, especially king crab spider crab, and snow crab.

To them, it is definitely worth the risk, and in so doing there is at least one funeral every weekend. The show ‘deadliest catch’ follows these men every season for the past couple of years and is very popular.

The US coast guard is kept quite busy trying to save these men’s lives.

There are many accidents during the two major crab seasons. These incidents include ships running aground, breaking on reefs, catching fire, taking on water, capsizing, men falling overboard, and other medical emergencies.

Seafood is also a major item on the menus of restaurants, especially in hotels. The bigger and more renowned the hotel, it is likely that they will have chefs that specialize in preparing lovely fish and crab recipes that will surely slay your tongue with killer tastes after cooking crab meat.


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