How To Buy Special Jewelry For Yourself

How To Buy Special Jewelry

Most people think of special pieces of jewelry as something that somebody else buys for you, like an engagement or a wedding ring. However, there’s really no reason you can’t buy yourself something beautiful. Maybe you’ve got something to celebrate, like a big promotion or a new job.

Choosing something beautiful for yourself gives you something to be proud of every time you look at it, with no connections to anyone else.


What’s Your Style?

What do kind of jewelry do you like to wear normally? Think about your usual jewelry and clothing tastes. Do you want a classic diamond or another gemstone? 

What is your wardrobe usually like? Do you dress in a classic or trendy style? Do you want a piece of jewelry that will make a statement, or do you want a classic piece? 

If you want something more simple, you could choose pieces like a slim chain with a delicate pendant, plain stud earrings, or a classy 2-carat diamond ring.

Do Your Researchspecial jewelry

If you’ve never owned much expensive jewelry and mostly wear costume jewelry, you really should do some research on the different options for jewelry that are out there, so you understand what you’re buying. 

Learn about cuts and carats if you’re doing to buy diamonds. If you want another gemstone, make sure you look at several so you know which you’d like. 

Photo by Alvaro O’Donnell

What’s Your Budget? 

Be realistic about what you can afford to spend. The jewelry you buy should make you feel proud every time you look at it, rather than a burden on your credit card forever.

Save up instead of buying on credit so you have something special to work for, and to stop your gift for yourself from being an expense you can’t afford

Save Money

If your budget is tight, there are some ways that you can bring the costs down. 

Choose a gemstone, not a diamond. If you really want a diamond, scale down on the clarity or color of the diamond, but not the cut. The cut is what affects how brilliant and reflective the stone is. 

Choosing a less classic shape of stone in the jewelry can save you a lot of money. Opt for metal like gold, rather than platinum. 

Buy during the low season, not near holidays like Christmas or Valentine’s Day when people are buying jewelry for their partners as gifts. Spend plenty of time researching online to find the best option. 

If you buy diamonds, make sure they come with a certificate of authenticity so you know exactly what you’ve spent your money on. It’s also a good idea to get expensive jewelry insured, in case of loss, theft, or damage. 

Shopping for special jewelry

When your research is finished, you can start shopping. You can buy jewelry online, but it’s wise to try things on in person first to get an idea of what suits you, and what you like on you. Take a patient friend with you to help you decide. 



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