Something Old, Something Blue for Your Wedding

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue“, all and sundry knows about this age-old saying. To make sure of happiness in the marriage, it is believed that a bride should have these things for good luck.

jamaican wedding photo

These items are more often than not included creatively in the wedding. Weddings are filled with the invocation of many traditional practices. Those passed down from one generation to the next. Families also play an important role in these traditions; passing on heirlooms and other little trinkets.

The bridal gown is often a prime example of this tradition. Often mothers of female family members will pass on a wedding dress, and it might be the brides something old, or something borrowed and on occasion something blue. Brides need to ensure that they do not wear these gowns out of guilt but because they want to and it fits the overall wedding theme.

Jewelry is another accessory that can fit the tradition, and often is. This may include earrings, pendants, brooches, watches and even the wedding ring itself. Men have been giving their brides the heirlooms or rings of their mothers or some other relative. For those who do not have these items handed down in their family; you can visit internet selling sites such as Jamaica Pen Boutique, eBay and Amazon to find real treasures. Visiting the antique store in your area is another good option. Remember stick to the style of your wedding theme.

One thing that will take little effort is having ‘something new’. Between the bridal shower and other gifts; plus your own shopping you will have covered your bases in this regard. Remember, your something new can be anything, including lingerie.

The same applies for your something borrowed. This can be jewelry, dress, anything from friend of family especially if you have admired it yourself for quite some time and your wedding day would be the ideal day to get it. If your female relatives still have their garters, this might be an opportune time to borrow it.

beach_wedding_favorsBe careful on selecting what your ‘something blue’ will be. You do not want it to be distracting, gaudy or clashing with the wedding theme. A new trend is using people, like the maid of honor or mother dressed in blue, as that tradition. Other items that can be used are underwear, jewelry, hair pins, shows, bouquets and handkerchiefs.

Many people are not aware of the “a silver sixpence in her shoe” tradition. Finding this silver penny may be impossible, therefore you can use a dime or penny or depending on your country some local coin currency. But you may want to check auction sites, local pawn and auction shops for a silver sixpence. Having things that symbolize tradition, in a wedding can be a very fulfilling experience.


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