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The Christian Life: The Importance of Praying for Protection To Preserve Your Life

Today, I want to talk about the importance of praying for protection and divine covering when you go out. Over the last three days, I have had my share of little incidences on the road.

What Happen?

On Tuesday, the taxi I took purposely swiped a school youth on his foot and then by the time we reached three miles he nearly hit down two little boys crossing the road. Thank God the breaks held.

On Wednesday before I left work, my spirit said to listen to some gospel music as I tend to do for my walk from New Kingston to Half Way Tree; the taxi I took after, touched a man’s car two stop lights down from where we began.

It was a soldier’s posh car, so you knew there was no getting out of that. I was already a little peeved from the drivers careless driving, much less waiting so long; I took a different taxi further.

He then broke down 2 minutes down the road. No gas. I started laughing and asking God what was going on.

Still listening to my music, my spirit was calm and I sat there, while everybody else left the vehicle. The driver didn’t take too long and I was on my way soon enough, to take yet again another taxi. You see, I can end up taking 6 taxis everyday.

My Own Hurt

On Thursday night, on the last leg of my journey as I came out the car, I slammed the door on my finger. With my strength, I thought it was broken.

But things could have been worse because my jewelry piece fell off right there and there was a JUTC bus heading for me. Fortunately, the bus driver saw me and stopped to let me cross. I indicated that I was picking up something and ventured across, towards home.

If, I was not a child of God.

If I was not covered and praying for protection.

If, if, if….any of these instances could have turned out for the worse.

IT IS IMPORTANT THAT WE PRAY FOR DIVINE COVERING; both in and out of our homes. It would take a book for me to let you know the many times my life has been threatened but because I was protected. Nothing happened. Thank God Almighty.

So I encourage you, pray, ask and live for God.



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