Understanding Why People Develop A Shopping Addiction and Become Shopaholics

We live in an age where television and cable bring the good and luxurious life straight into our homes. This includes the designer clothing, jewelry, handbags, luxurious shoes, and accessories.

It seems that we cannot even take a break from the merchandise advertising even in our own homes. So then, it must be very tempting for a shopaholic.

Why do people shop excessively?

Many believe that it is a way to retreat from all the problems in our daily lives. We all have experienced various traumas, and disappointment, but a shopaholic chooses shopping to evade all the issues that they face.

Extreme situations like abuse can cause people to turn to shopping.

For others poverty and other financial issues are the driving factors; having what they cannot afford but doing so with a credit card, regardless.

Shopping addiction has been a topic that has been thoroughly discussed.

It has even been shown in a Hollywood blockbuster flick ‘Confession of a shopaholic’. The movie showed a young woman who tried to hide her problem and even owed money she could not pay, dodging even the IRS. The movie ‘Confession of a shopaholic’ showed the extreme, but for many that extreme is a daily reality that keeps cycling.

Many mental health professionals believe that a chemical imbalance in people is the factor that causes their addictions.

Meanwhile, there are those who think it is just an unmanageable compulsion. Because shopping gives people a continued sense of pleasure, they become addicted to wanting it to prolong the sense of happiness they feel when purchasing items.

A shopping addiction is a neurotic behavior.

It is an activity for millions of people. On the other hand, some people want to get rid of this compulsion very quickly for any number of reasons. A shopaholic runs the risk of financial ruin, lost family, friends or possessions and wishes to kick the habit very quickly.


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